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List of all feature phones available for sale in India

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LG T585LG T585 Rs. 4,699 Buy Now

LG Cookie Duo T515LG Cookie Duo T515 Rs. 3,975 Buy Now

LG Cookie Smart T375LG Cookie Smart T375 Rs. 4,399 Buy Now

LG A390LG A390 Rs. 3,197 Buy Now

LG A290LG A290 Rs. 3,202 Buy Now

Karbonn K7 PlusKarbonn K7 Plus Rs. 1,353 Buy Now

Karbonn K75Karbonn K75 Rs. 2,278 Buy Now

Karbonn K103 StarKarbonn K103 Star Rs. 1,002 Buy Now

Karbonn K707 PlusKarbonn K707 Plus Rs. 1,404 Buy Now

Karbonn K63 PlusKarbonn K63 Plus Rs. 1,685 Buy Now

Karbonn K10 PlusKarbonn K10 Plus Rs. 1,580 Buy Now

Karbonn K36Karbonn K36 Rs. 874 Buy Now

Karbonn SymphonyKarbonn Symphony Rs. 2,428 Buy Now

Karbonn K46 PlusKarbonn K46 Plus Rs. 1,447 Buy Now

Karbonn K81Karbonn K81 Rs. 1,525 Buy Now

Karbonn K205Karbonn K205 Rs. 999 Buy Now

Karbonn K52 PlusKarbonn K52 Plus Rs. 1,490 Buy Now

Karbonn K101 PlusKarbonn K101 Plus Rs. 990 Buy Now

Karbonn K122Karbonn K122 Rs. 1,300 Buy Now

Karbonn K99 PlusKarbonn K99 Plus Rs. 1,799 Buy Now

Karbonn K72 PlusKarbonn K72 Plus Rs. 1,690 Buy Now

Karbonn K111 StarKarbonn K111 Star Rs. 1,490 Buy Now

Karbonn K105 StarKarbonn K105 Star Rs. 990 Buy Now

Karbonn K7 StarKarbonn K7 Star Rs. 1,590 Buy Now

Karbonn K73Karbonn K73 Rs. 1,487 Buy Now

Karbonn KC110Karbonn KC110 Rs. 1,419 Buy Now

Karbonn K102 PlusKarbonn K102 Plus Rs. 1,066 Buy Now

Karbonn K57Karbonn K57 Rs. 1,690 Buy Now

Karbonn K9Karbonn K9 Rs. 1,272 Buy Now

Karbonn K-Phone 1Karbonn K-Phone 1 Rs. 1,199 Buy Now

Karbonn K451 PlusKarbonn K451 Plus Rs. 1,590 Buy Now

Karbonn K101 StarKarbonn K101 Star Rs. 810 Buy Now

Samsung Guru E1207TSamsung Guru E1207T Rs. 1,197 Buy Now

Micromax X273Micromax X273 Rs. 1,546 Buy Now

Micromax X097Micromax X097 Rs. 1,499 Buy Now

Micromax X264Micromax X264 Rs. 1,215 Buy Now

Micromax X084Micromax X084 Rs. 1,095 Buy Now

Micromax X11i PlusMicromax X11i Plus Rs. 1,408 Buy Now

Micromax X085Micromax X085 Rs. 895 Buy Now

Micromax X098Micromax X098 Rs. 947 Buy Now

Micromax X335CMicromax X335C Rs. 2,214 Buy Now

Micromax X282Micromax X282 Rs. 1,596 Buy Now

Micromax X275Micromax X275 Rs. 2,493 Buy Now

Micromax X328 BoltMicromax X328 Bolt Rs. 1,498 Buy Now

Micromax X44Micromax X44 Rs. 1,818 Buy Now

Micromax X286Micromax X286 Rs. 1,455 Buy Now

Micromax C260Micromax C260 Rs. 1,928 Buy Now

Micromax X455iMicromax X455i Rs. 1,800 Buy Now

Micromax X325Micromax X325 Rs. 1,799 Buy Now

Micromax GC333Micromax GC333 Rs. 2,724 Buy Now

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