Apple iPad Mini2- New Rumours about its Specs and Releasing Date

Apple to bring in Retina Display for its iPad Mini2.

When Apple brought forth its iPad Mini three months back, the tech world had watched it with mixed emotions. Apple's iPad Mini could not reach its target. The non Retina display betrayed the device. Now, it is rumoured that the new iPad Mini, that is iPad Mini2, will be coming with an updated Retina display. Definitely, Apple will be producing the new iPad Mini2 with all possible rectifications done on the drawbacks of iPad Mini.

Apple iPad Mini2

Other than the retina display, the iPad Mini had another disappointing factor, its resolution. Apple's iPad Mini had only 1,024×768 pixel resolution. Compared to the Nexus7, which had a resolution of 1,280×800 pixels, iPad Mini was at a step down. According to the new reports, Apple iPad mini2 will be having a resolution of 2,048×1,536 pixels with 326ppi.

In its design, there won't be any differentiating change from that of iPad Mini. iPad Mini had a dual cored Apple A5 processor. If iPad Mini2 gets a higher resolution screen, that's going to require a faster graphics processor. So the iPad Mini2 most likely will be getting the Apple A6X processor that was used in the iPad 4. Also there are rumours about Apple being busy with the making of their new version of processor, the Apple A7. There are chances that Apple might try that in iPad Mini2.

Apple iPad Mini2

As Apple has launched its 128GB iPad recently, it is safe to guess that the new iPad Mini2 will also be having a storage capacity of 128GB. According to various reports, the new device is likely to be released on November 2013, exactly one year after the releasing of the iPad Mini. This being the most common schedule of releasing iPads, chances are on it. But we should keep in mind that Apple has a history of announcing iPhone4, just six months after that of iPhone3. One thing is sure that Apple iPad Mini2 will be released before the end of this year.

Apple iPad Mini2

As Apple being incredibly consistent in the matter of pricing, its not that difficult to guess the products' price. iPad Mini2 will be carrying a price tag that is more or less the same as that of the iPad Mini. That means, for the Wi-Fi models, iPad Mini2 will cost Rs. 18,000/- for its 16GB version, Rs. 21,000/- for 32 GB version and Rs.26,000/- for its 64GB version. An additional Rs. 8,000/- should be given for a Wi-Fi plus cellular model.
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