Next Generation Samsung Smartphones will get Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung’s latest patent is for the fingerprint sensing.

Usually it is Apple who amazes the world with taking patents on almost all thinkable computing technologies. Now Samsung starts to follow the suits. According to the latest reports from trustworthy sources, Samsung has got the patent for the integration of a fingerprint sensor that may be seen in the Home buttons of upcoming Galaxy smartphones by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

In the constant competition with Apple, this new development is sure to give an upper hand to Samsung. There had been rumours that the next Apple device, whether it is the iPhone 5S or the iPhone6, is sure to have a customized Home button with built in finger print sensor. Now, as per the latest report, Samsung too will be having one.

Samsung Finger Print Sensor

We know that Samsung has been trying to install finger printing technology for its Galaxy series of smartphones. Ever since they were under the making of the Galaxy S3, Samsung were trying for getting the finger print sensor technology. As the Galaxy s4 did not have the feature, the next Galaxy device, whether it is Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S4 Mini, is sure to have this finger printing sensor in it.

By approving the patent, the USPTO has confirmed the news. The patent was reportedly submitted before 16 months. As they got the permission now, some leaked images appeared online. According to the snapshots released along with the patent, Samsung will be including the finger print sensors in the device’s Home button. However, according to the patent, “the present invention is not necessarily limited thereto,” which basically means that the company can switch the location of the sensor as well. As per the patent, the finger print sensor may also be a contact type one, somewhat similar to those you see in usual door locks. There are every possibility that the sensor could be located on the side of the phone.

Samsung Finger Print Sensor

Another interesting feature of the finger print sensoring technology is that it can recognize between the finger prints created by a living body and a forged fingerprint. This will be a threat to the hackers, as the phone will detect copies of finger print like those made from silicon.

Samsung Finger Print Sensor

Finally, hat remains is the question, who will win the votes of the people in using this technology? Apple or Samsung? Moreover that, if Samsung will be using this technology for its next device, what will be it? Galaxy Note 3 or the Galaxy S5 or the Galaxy S4 Mini? We will have to wait a bit more time for getting a clear answer from the officials it seems.

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