Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launched at IFA 2014

Galaxy Note 4 comes equipped with a 5.7 inch QuadHD super AMOLED screen, UV sensor, Finger Print Scanner and 16 MP camera.

The smart phone giant Samsung has just added another feather to its crown with the launch of the new Galaxy Note 4. The launch function of Note 4 was held at the IFA 2014 tech conference in Germany on September 3rd. The note series is one of the most sought out product on the smart phone market right now.

Note 4 looks much like Note 3 at the first glance, however the features precede Note 3 at any rate. It might come off as a bit of a shock when you see the screen with a slight curve. The 2.5D glass which covers the screen makes it appear slightly curved. The Quad HD display of this stylish phablet allows the users to enjoy a resolution of 2560×1440 while Note 3 has a 1920×1080 HD screen. Also it is the first smart phone with a built in UV-sensor which warns you about too much of sun. Good news is that some of the most admired features of Galaxy S5 is added to Note 4 like the finger print scanner for instance. The pressure sensing levels of the stylus has also been improved to 2048 compared to Note 3.

Note 4 has much to boast about its 16 MP rear camera and a front camera with 3.7 MP and an aperture setting of f1.9 which guarantees better pictures even in dim light. Another extravagant feature is the microphones equipped to block noise and pick up sound from eight different directions. Company proudly states that the battery life has been increased by 7.5 percent. 32GB internal memory and 64GB card slot is available in this model. It will be available in black, white, gold and pink colours.

As far as the features are concerned, there is nothing ground breaking about Note 4. Main attractions here are the screen resolution, over all comfortable design of the set and of course the speakers and camera. But most of them have been in the market earlier and proved to be working. It would be safe to say that the product comes mostly in line with HTC One M8.
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Looks like the big brother Galaxy S5. Should have named 'S5 Plus' :P
By on 10-09-2014

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