Will OK, Google work offline?

Smart gadgets and digital assistants are becoming a standard criteria in technology.

Intelligent computers and smartphones has always been the dream of technologists. The same idea has been a theme for several movies and fictional stories where the super-intelligent computer helps humans to cure a deadly disease, fight against alien forces and even improving human experiences with a world that is beyond reality. One such instance is Google Now voice search.

OK, Google is a voice command that is used for activating Google Now voice search on Android devices such as smartphones using an Internet connection. Google Now can be accessed by opening your phone's Google Search app or Google Search widget and either tapping the microphone icon or saying "OK Google". You can ask Google Now pretty much anything you like, just as you normally would do with Google Search. Nevertheless, you can also use the "OK Google" command to set alarms, make and receive calls and texts, schedule meetings and even much more on your Android device.

Life Made Easier Through Ok Google Voice Controls

Recently Google has updated this app and a code inside the app suggests that the company is working its way out in making “OK, Google” to work even without an internet connection. As of now, the user will be denied access to Google Now and the service is useless when they are out of an internet zone.

Sources suggests that the list of offline voice commands remains very limited that includes only: "make a call," "send a text," "play some music," and "turn on Wi-Fi. It is not yet specified if the commands will work if the words are rephrased such as enable Wi-Fi. Etc. While OK, Google may start with a meager number of offline voice commands, it is highly likely that more commands will be added in the future. The App code further suggests that a couple of other features will also be added including- increasing the screen brightness and adjusting the volumes of your smartphone.

All the above commands are just simple everyday needs of a smartphone user but when these are clubbed with voice controls it gives better power to the user. Millions of users has been reported to be using this power controlled feature of Google and definitely the offline mode of 'OK, Google' will be appreciatively welcomed by the tech world.
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Last updated on 30-06-2015. Published on 30-06-2015.
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