iOS 9 update initiates the users to get an organized and clutter free gallery

iOS 9 features separate folders for selfies and screenshots

The year 2015 has been considered as a year for selfies. This technological revolution has resulted in the launch of several smartphones with the sole purpose of clicking a selfie, and accordingly they were named as selfie phones. A couple of these phones has also been equipped with a separate folder for selfie in the gallery. For those of you all who have used an iOS device must have certainly gone through that agony of searching through those zillion number of pictures on your camera roll to pick the one that we want. Since the iOS device cramps all your shots whether it is a selfie or a screenshot.

Sources reveal that with the iOS 9 update the device is going to compartmentalize into different categories. So that means different folder for selfies and screenshots. The iOS 9 update is a much anticipated one which is believed to have enhancements that makes you wonder how you will do it without these apps. Introducing separate photo folders for selfies and screenshot is a much needed one. Even though it is just a teeny weeny step, it obviously helps the users have an organized photo library.

Ios9 Update Organized Gallery

The “selfie” folder is so much like a Smart Folder since it saves in all the images taken with the iOS device's front-facing shooter. And for the screenshot gallery, iOS 9 gathers onscreen images that are captured by pressing the device's power and home buttons. In fact screenshots has been first seen in iOS devices but those were initially not considered as a user feature. But with the emergence of powerful and quick technology with on-the go internet services, screenshots has turned to be a simple way to share and copy web contents.

Technology is so very advanced that you have apps such as 'screeny' that will select all the screenshots taken on your device from the photo gallery and allows you to delete them in clusters resulting in more space on your device.

Separate Folder For Selfie And Screenshots

The separate folder technology is not a new thing, it has been there for a while. But we are quite sure that all the iOS users will happily welcome this update. With this update no one needs to scroll through those hundred and one pictures nor commit the grave mistake of sending the wrong picture across while scrolling.
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