Enhance your selfie shots with 'Kira' a light attachment for better quality pictures.

Looks like selfies are here to stay for a while. Kira technology promises to takes our selfies to the next level

According to Wikipedia a selfie can be technically described as a self-portrait photograph taken with a digital camera or on ones won smartphone camera which is held in the hand or even with the help of a selfie stick. They are usually taken with the camera held at arm's length or pointed at a mirror without using a self-timer. The selfies were initially only popular with the younger generation but late rit gained wide popularity among big and small, far and wide. By the end of 2012 the Time magazine has considered selfie on of the top 10 buzz words of that year. Even though the word had been there for a long time it was in the mid of 2012 and later that this word really hit the big time.
The possibilities of taking selfies are not limited to this world alone. They have been taken beyond Earth and in Space by Astronauts. Images has been captured by astronauts of themselves in Mars, on the earths surface etc.

The products releasing in the market along with dedicated selfie smartphones all suggest the fact that selfies has become a part of our everyday life. The devices available in the market in fact motivates and encourages the geek generation to click more selfies. The newest add-on to this line of gadgets and technology, is known as the 'Kira' which has been developed by the instincts in the mind of a photographer named Julie Watai. Kira is a ring shaped light attachment for your smartphone that allows the users to take top quality self-portraits.

Kira Ring Light

The reason for this invention was that the smartphones are not real performers when it comes to clicking a selfie in a dark room. The pictures will always be grainy and of worse picture quality. So this disadvantage forced Julie to use the ring flash photography accessory, which she uses during her regular shoot to clip it onto an iPhone. And yoowhoo there you go with glamorous well-lit selfies.

Kira Light Clip

How the 'Kira' works is that it softens and minimizes shadows by washing the subject in a consistent light that covers the camera's view. It comes in like a detachable circular clip which measures 90x90x30mm which may however seem to be awkward to be positioned on your smartphone screen.
She has also commented that the ring light “creates a powerful, beautiful skin effect and catch light in the eyes so that you can take a beautiful photograph.” This product is still in the baby stages as Watai is anticipating for funding for this new innovation. Nothing has been commented on the pricing or availability of the device.

Final View

Many of the smartphone manufacturers have realized the fact that the device is not up to the mark when it comes to taking selfies. Even with improved camera qualities the front snapper pictures may not prove to be of quality. Its worse if it is a poorly-lit room or space and this has eventually resulted in the production of smartphones with front cameras equipped with LED flash as well. The LG G3 uses the screen as a front-facing flash while taking a selfie and the newly unveiled Samsung's Galaxy J5 and J7 also feature an actual front facing camera with flash. These are the options currently available in the market.

Kira Device

And now the whole scenario of selfies is supplemented with the Kira ring light technology as well. This leaves us quite apprehensive as to how the users will be reacting to this additional bulky thing on their screen when they already have the choice of buying a selfie phone which comes along with LED flash.
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