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Read here the detailed analysis of Sony Xperia Z.

At last Sony had made a phone that would not only compete with Apple, Samsung and the other big boys, but actually beat them. Sony Xperia Z- the water proof, dust proof flagship phone of Sony is changing the face of the brand itself. Read here a detailed review of Xperia Z.

Design and Exterior:

Sony Xperia Z

Sony has always been keeping up its own unique design. When all the world ran behind round edged smartphones, Sony stood unique with its simple yet stylish slate design. Xperia Z also has the slab form, better call it so than calling it Candy Bar. With all glass front and rear, it has a premium look. The metallic buttons add charm to the style.

The speciality of the device is that it is both dust proof and water proof. It is definitely a good thought that you can wash your phone with your favourite soap when it is too dirty. But water proof does not mean that you can keep the device in water for hours. It just saves your breath if you accidentally dropped the phone in a pool. The phone has a measurement of 139.7×71×7.9 mm and a weighs 146 g.


Display is a thing where Sony made us all over expected and then disappointed. Though the device has 1080p resolution, it looks so washed pout, when compared to the display of similar phones by other manufacturers. Xperia Z has poor viewing angles too, indebted to the extra layer of proofing. One thing is sure that, the Xperia Z can give you excellent Gaming experience for sure.

Sony Xperia Z

Operating System:

The Xperia Z has Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for its Operating System. The phone performs rather stable with this OS. There is no mentionable lagging. It provides a very high quality user experience. It performs daily chores as well as highly performance oriented tasks with same ease. Sony has arranged some room for customization too.

You get five home screens. But there are no provisions to add more. As any other manufacturer, Sony also gives you its own widgets such as Music Unlimited or links to its online stores. But, these can be removed or deleted if you feel like.


Xperia Z has a 13 MP rear primary camera and a 2.2 MP secondary Front camera.

As the phone has LTE support, sending higher quality videos in Instagram or Skype is now possible. 2.2 MP front camera performs good here.

Sony Xperia Z

On the negative side, there is no dedicated shutter button for the camera. When Sony gave a huge 13 MP rear camera, we obviously thought that we would get a perfect camera experience. But the absence of a dedicated camera key stole the excitement. With the enormous standby button on the side, one is sure mistake it for the shutter button.

The camera of Xperia Z works rather sluggish. It launches lazily. At times there are some lags due to some software issues, which will be okay only by reboot. By that time, your scenery might have passed miles.

On the positive side, once the camera is on, you will notice the richness of those colours and the refresh rate as you move the phone around astonishing. You will not have to manually change scene mode (unless you want to). There is a pretty intelligent Superior Auto mode, which will tell what you're trying to do.

We like some of the other enhancements too, such as the smile options. Smile detection was the attraction of the bygone era. Sony Xperia Z enables you to choose between big smiles, average smiles or small smiles. And there are lots of scene modes to pick from- from Panorama to Burst Mode.

Sony Xperia Z

But the whooping photos do not look that impressive on a rather bigger screen, for example, on a computer screen. Colours are presented well, but there seemed to be a lack of sharpness, and even mildly zoomed in, they came out more like something from a budget or mid-range handset. That was enough to take off the rest of enthusiasm in us.

Internet and Connectivity:

Xperia Z is filled with all types of connectivity options. It has GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G,Bluetooth Version 4, microUSB v2.0 (MHL), Wi-Fi .GPS and HDMI Port.


The device has a 16GB internal memory. The external memory of the phone is expanded up to 32GB via MicroSD card slot. Xperia Z has a RAM of 2 GB.


Battery on this smartphone from Sony is a real disappointment, the Xperia Z lasts only a few hours, on a single charge.

Sony Xperia Z

The Timescape UI of Sony features some power management features like location based wifi, and auto battery management. It also has a low Battery mode and Stamina Mode. Still, the battery performance of the phone is really under the expected level.


The phone is available now from 36,000/- rupees. For this much huge amount of money, the nuances of the phone are to be taken in to consideration.


There is so much to love in Xperia Z. There are a plenty of drawbacks too. From its stylish design, to the awesome innards, there are a plenty of positives in Xperia Z. The 5 inch display gives stunning out put on HD videos. On the cons side, the dust resistance claim of Xperia is not that practical. They were mere marketing tactics, we feel. The huge 13MP camera does not perform that mind blowing.

In our opinion, if the price tag was a bit more lower, this hand set would have been the biggest success of the year. As there are a plenty of good quality smartphones available at a lower price, the destiny of Xperia Z is more or less guessable.

Sony Xperia Z


• Water resistant.
• 13MP rear camera.
• 2.2 MP Front Camera.
• Good music quality.


• Non removable battery
• Software Bugs
• Poor performance from 13MP Camera.
• Poor Battery life.
• Not scratch resistant.
• No dedicated shutter key.
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