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Read here a review on the Google I/O of 2013.

Google's annual meet, dubbed I/O has been going on in San Francisco on May 15th to 17th. As the Google I/O is a meeting focused on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies, the world has been keenly watching it with much expectations. We had already brought in some of the expectations about the Google I/O in our article Google I/O 2013.Now, lets analyse what all we got from Google I/O and what we were actually expecting and did not show up at all.

Things we got from Google I/O:

Google I/O

It is always good to know about the positive sides of an event. We can not say that the whole event of I/O was dim. No. There were some interesting releases and updates. Some among them are:

Google Play Music All Access:

Google Play Music All Access

This service has been in the rumours for a pretty long time by now. At last, it is released. It is a service offered by Google, were you can discover new music as well as stream the tracks you’ve been listening to for years. It is rumoured to offer many millions of tracks. It will cost you 9.99 dollars (550 Indian Rupees) per month. Unfortunately, this service is currently available only in US and for Android devices.

Google Hangouts spreads to iOS and Android:

Google Hangout

Google Hangout is Google's application for chatting and meeting hub. Now, the service is extending its hands. It had been available previously only through web browser. Sooner than later, it will be having its own Android and iOS entries, making it available for more people.

Google Plus redesign:

Those who use Google Plus regularly might have noticed the design change Google has brought in. Previously, there were plain, flat, scrolling sheets, which have made over in to attractive small boxes of different sizes. We admit that it look prettier and neat than before. But we are yet to see whether this will attract more people to Google Plus.

As per the claims of Google, they have brought in nearly 40 new features to this network. Now there are options for the users to upload a bunch of photos at a time and let the network choose the best ones to be uploaded/ saved/ used. Google claims it has added 41 new features to the network, including some that you won't find on other social networks. One of our favourites is being able to upload a whole bunch of photos to Google Plus, and let the network determine which are the best, using facial recognition tech.

Google Play gets tablet design:

Better late than never. Google has finally transformed the Google Play app compatible for tablets too.

Google Maps gets smarter:

Geo Fence

Three new Application Programme Interfaces have been introduced in Google Maps. The developers will now be able to create zones in Google Map, using the Geofencing app of Google.

What disappointed us:

There were certain show offs we expected from the Google I/O but didn't turn up. Some of them are:

The Next Google Nexus Tablet:

There were rumours about a Tablet, dubbed Nexus 7.2, being made in some labs. but there were no news about such a tablet in the Google I/O. The tablet was expected to have higher resolution scree, faster processor, crispier performance and of course a slimmer design and cheaper price.

This tablet would have been a strong opponent to the Apple iPad Mini as per the rumours. But, disappointingly, it didn't turn up at all.

Google Nexus 5 and Motorola X phone:

There had been an impatient anticipation for the next Nexus smartphone after the last Nexus 4 smartphone. But, Google had no intention to show it off. The rumour about the next nexus product with the tie up of Motorola still remains a rumour. We were almost sure that the Motorola X phone will be showing up in the Google I/O. But, we are disappointed.

Google could be planning a separate release exclusively for the Motorola X phone/ the next Nexus 5. That is the only possibility left.

No New Version of Android:

Android Key Lime Pie

There were rumours that Google will be releasing their next version of Android OS, the Key Lime Pie in the event and the ext Nexus smartphone will be featuring this operating system. But there were no hints of such a thing.

No news about Google Glass:

Google Glass

Google Glass was the next thing the world was looking forward to on the I/O event. But, there were no news about it either. The Google Glass was the project of Sergey Brin, the co- founder of Google. The person himself did not appear at all for the event. So was his project.

We expected some updated news at least about the features. We hoped that Google will at least announce what all we can expect from the Google glass, after the first trial by the developers. But Google disappointed us here too.

No Smart Watch:

If you had hoped to hear from Google something about its next product of wearable computing- the smart watch, you are disappointed. There were no mention about the smart watch from Google.

No Self Driving Cars:

Google Self Driving Car

Google had tempted us all with their driver free cars. We saw the videos of self driving car. We heard the news that it is appearing for the license test. Was it too much to expect some updated news about the self driving car? Well, Google made us really sad!

These are the achievements and disappointments that Google I/O presented for us so far. We were expecting more from Google. There is only one possibility for keeping all these news secret. Our finding is that Google had foreseen that too many ingredients will spoil the soup. If they release so many novel technologies at a time, there are chances that some might go dominated and some subordinated. Google might have decided to hold separate launching events for each item. That could be the reason why Google remained zip mouthed about all these gadgets. Well, lets wait and see.
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