Which OS is the Best for You?

Here is a complete review of the top 5 Mobile Phone Operating Systems.

Choosing a smartphone from the countless numbers available in the market is a real herculean task. But once you have decided which OS do you want, the task is half done. That much important is the task of choosing the right OS for you. There are a handful of mobile phone OS available out in the market. The major ones among them are the Android(Google), iOS(Apple), Windows Phone(Microsoft), BB10(BlackBerry) and Symbian (Nokia). Though there are so many other minute Operating Systems, these are the main ones that are dominant at this time.

Each OS differs from the others. The uniqueness of the OS is the main factor that makes it dominant among the others. When you are going to select an OS, there is one thing that you should bear in your mind. Popularity is not the best guide. Try to get some basic knowledge about the important OS, analyse whether those are the features which you want your phone to have, then go for it. For this, you should know the basic features of the OS and also, you should be thorough with your requirements too.

Mobile Phone OS

Read here the main features of the leading OSes out in the market:


Before a four- six years, Symbian was the renowned King if the smartphone OS group. Today, with Nokia's moving over to the Windows Phone Operating System, Symbian's popularity and glamour has gone. We can't blame Nokia for this moving over, as the Windows Phone OS is simply superb. Still, the Symbian has its own relevance in the field.

Symbian OS

One of the major plus point of the Symbian OS was its multi tasking ability. Nearly half a dozen apps would run smoothly on a Symbian platform without any jerks. From low price Nokia device to high price device, this OS performs well. It is true that if you compare the Symbian with the iOS, Android or Windows Phone, you will feel the Symbian as too outdated. Still, it is a very good option for a key-board phone/ smartphone.


•  Good at multi tasking.
•  Good navigation.
•  Devices are available in various price range.
•  Good battery life.


•  Not much apps.
•  Slightly outdated, comparing to other leading OSes.
•  No upgradation available as Nokia has moved over to Windows Phone.

4. BB10:

The smartphone giant of the bygone era, BlackBerry, is trying with its tooth and claw to remain in the smartphone field. Recently, there were reports that BlackBerry is going on sale. They desperately want some one take it over. What happened to the BlackBerry, who once was the personification of professional smartphoning? Whatever the reason be, the BB10, which would have been the number one OS if released a decade ago, couldn't save anything bigger for the redemption of the company.

BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry10 is the latest OS released from the company, which had been termed as the company's last attempt to come back to the battle field. Though it couldn't save the sinking ship, BB10 hold the fourth position in the current smartphone market.

Web browsing and media management are flawless in the BB10, like in the earlier versions. There were more than a 70,000 apps got launched along with the BB10. Most of them were high profiled ones like the Kindle ebook reader, Whatsapp, Skype etc, which are yet to be perfected. The highlight of BlackBerry OS, the professional and business apps, are stunning as expected. More social networking apps were present in the BB10 than in its earlier versions.

The official App store of BB, the BB World is yet to be perfected. There are so many limitations, which are quite understandable, as the company had been trying to survive. NFC smart tags and the voice controls indicates that the BB were really optimistic. The Z10 and Q10, released with the new BB10, didn't get the attention they required. The main reason was the imperfected apps. We can't blame the users for rejecting the two devices which BB released with great expectations, as there are so many Android smartphones out there with more attractive apps and features, at a lesser price tag.


•  Good for mailing.
•  Good for browsing.
•  BBM is still unbeatable.
•  Can support both QWERTY and touch screen devices.


•  Limited apps.
•  Imperfect Store.
•  Interface is not attractive as that of the rivals.

3. iOS:

As you all know, iOS is the Operating System developed and used by Apple. It has been one of the most discussed and most debated OS. Apple uses it for their iPhones, iPads and iPods. The iOS is full of apps developed by Apple.

Apple iOS

One of the major attraction of the Apple iOS is the Safari – the web browser. It can support multiple pages at a time. But there is a drawback- it has no Flash support. So, not every web page can be opened with Safari. On the cons side, synchronised bookmarks and the option to save pages for later offline reading are possible. It can support in private browsing too.

Other stunning features of the iOS are the auto complete aided typing, note taking, and upgraded reminders and calender apps. Email features are superb in this OS. You can add multiple accounts from Outlook to iCloud Mail, Yahoo, Google and Exchange. There are provision to designate contacts as VIPs. Advanced mail features are there.

Siri is yet another attraction of the OS. The talking voice assistant will put her charm on you for sure. Apple never fails to upgrade its OS. Recently, they had announced the iOS 7, and the developer version has been out. Soon, we can expect the official release of the OS.


•  Good Safari app options.
•  Handy Notification Centre, which shows notification on the lock screen, so you don’t have to unlock the screen to see the notifications.
•  Do not disturb feature is available for the notifications.
•  Flawless interface.
•  Regularly updated.


•  No support of Flash.
•  Need a Wi-Fi connection for Siri, that too is not perfected.
•  Very limited customisability.
•  Notification system is weaker than Android.
•  Have to use iTune to sync any files with the phone.

2.Windows Phone:

The new trend – Windows Phone OS. With its animated interface and unique appealing, the Windows OS stands out from the grey shaded OSes. The Live Tiles is the major attraction of the OS. The trendy colours and the stunning looks, along with changeable back covers Lumia series of Nokia popularises the OS pretty well.

Windows Phone OS

The large tiles makes sure that you don't miss anything. Social networking notifications, Contacts, anything you want to be there in the home screen can be edited likewise. Customisation is exploited to the maximum in a Windows Phone OS operated device.

The Find My Phone option in the Windows Phone OS lets you browse the net through your Laptop or desk top and share it to your phone via Wi-Fi. It makes sure that you are thoroughly satisfied with the app you are gonna download, as examining an app in a computer is far better than examining it in the smartphone.

Kids Corner is the next highlight of this OS. You don't have to worry about your children opening any other apps or folders. With Kids Corner edited and turned on, you can decide which all apps your children need to open.

The main drawback of the Windows Phone OS is the Store. Comparing with the massive store room of the Android OS, the Windows Phone's store is a toddler. So many important and useful apps are yet to make its entry to the app store of this OS. But, we should understand that the Widows Phone OS is in the beginning stage and it will be getting updated every now and then and new features will be popping in soon.

Those who are fond of the Widows OS on their computer, will be more than happy with this mobile OS. There is no doubt that the UI is the star of the Widows Phone OS.


•  Stunning UI.
•  Large Live Tiles.
•  Flawless performance.
•  Regular software updates.
•  Good social networking connectivity.
•  Kids corner is very innovative.


•  App Store is yet to be perfected.


Though the Windows Phone OS is gaining momentum in the market, Android is still the most loved and recommended OS. The most interesting part is that it is open to all. While Apple iOS is only for Apple products, BB10 is only for BlackBerry devices and Windows Phone OS is exclusive for Nokia, Android is available for more than five smartphone manufacturers. That is exactly why there is an army of Android devices out there.

Android OS

The app store of Android is huge. It is so massive that the upcoming OSes like the Widows Phone's app store looks like a dwarf. There are more than six lakh apps available in the Store of Android. Android OS has the most crowded App Store than nay other OSes currently available in the market.

There is a peculiarity about Android. It is a hybrid OS, which can be used both for smartphone and for Tablet alike. But the limitation of the OS is that, you will still need a PC to complete and polish your works. The interface is so simple to use and is so user friendly. Though there is not much room for customisation, the interface is pretty good with its ease of use.

Yet another plus point of the device is that, Android OS supported devices are available at a very vast price range, ie, from 3,000 to 45,000 Rupees.


•  User friendly interface.
•  Good at multi tasking and social networking.
•  Abundant app store.
•  Devices available at wide price range.


•  Performance depends up on the device.
•  High priced versions are smooth, whereas budget friendly devices are not.
•  Poor battery life.
•  Quality of all apps are not the same.


There is no doubt that Apple iOS is still the prestigious Operating System. But it has so many drawbacks. The developer version of the iOS 7 has been a mess, as per the first report from the trustworthy sources. Android is always the shining OS with its plenty of apps available in the official App store. Windows Phone has hinted that it can do better. As the OS has a good number of fans by now, once it is perfected, it will be overtaking the giants it seems. BB10 and Symbian are two OS of the bygone era. Nokia has stopped upgrading Symbian. So, there is not much hope for it. But if BlackBerry reaches a safe and powerful hand, there is still a chance for a splendid coming back. But, not in the current state. Some Godfather should come and take over the RIM for that.


The above listed OSes can be classified like this to suit the user need:

•  iOS: For the brand conscious user, who has a status to represent, who has passed the fancies of a trendy OS, who is serious, and a dignitary with a huge pocket.

•  Android: For those who love using plenty of apps, who loves to use new apps as they release, who love to be updated with the latest innovations and who has a low, medium or high budget.

•  Windows Phone: For those who are trendy, who loves updated with the social networks with the Live Tiles, who loves to customise their colourful home screen, who loves unique animations, who wants a change from the other UIs, and who are okay with an app store of toddler state.

•  BB10: For those who still believes in the professional colour of the BlackBerry, those who are sure that the OS will be well and good for their business purposes, and for those who are ready to face the take over that may/ may not happen.

• Symbian: For those who love a simpler OS, with simpler User Interface, for those who with a low budget, for those who wanna use their phone a little roughly and those who are ready to accept the fact that the OS is never gonna get upgraded.

Decide which category you belong to, find the list of the gadgets with the OS, choose the right smartphone from it and Enjoy!!

Best of Luck!
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