Samsung Galaxy Note 3 : Is it worth the Money?

Coming at Rs. 49,000/-, Note 3 has put so many fans under confusion.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is released in India. The device will be available at a whooping price of Rs.49,000/- from September 25th onwards. The price tag has taken every Samsung fans aback. The sky high price tag has caused some disappointment among them, we should say. Even the tech freaks did not expect this much higher a price tag it seems. Really does the device deserve this much high a price? Lets go through the features of Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

In its looks, the Note 3 has a premium look than the Note 2. The leather like back (cover) and the shining body gives it a premium look than the poly carbonate look of the Note 2. Tough it was not what we expected, we should say that we were not disappointed at the first look of the device. The device has a 5.7 inch display screen. We hope you remember that the Note 2 has only a 5.3 inch display screen, and still it was so difficult to handle it. But, the Note 3 does not have such an issue. The new design helps to get a nice grip on the device. The rounded edge of the device compliments it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Though different versions are available, Samsung has launched the 32GB variant of the Note 3 in India. Out of the 32 GB, 6 GB is not available for the users. It will be used by the pre installed apps. But, there is a micro SD card slot, with which you can expand the memory of the device up to 64 GB.

The camera of then Note 3 is yet another plus point of the device. The camera is apt for low light shooting. The 13 MP rear camera is doing complete justice to the claims of the company. The front camera is an average one, without much uniqueness.

Yet another highlight of the device is the air - commanding feature. The Air commanding feature of the device is connected with the Stylus Pen. The feature gets activated when you take out the stylus from the silo. The Air command supports five apps, Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write, S Finder and Pen Window. For a first time user, this will not be that easy and interesting, as the feature demands you to press the button on the S pen on and off at times. We fear that the Air commanding feature did not do the charm. It failed to recognise the letter and the number in the Action Memo feature. May it is because we are new to it, but none of the users out there are experts in it.

The S finder is a pretty good app as we all are in the habit of forgetting the folder where we saved an important data. S Finder helps in finding it out.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Though there had been so many features, which the company had claimed to be the highlights, nothing felt stunning or whooping, to be frank. Even the video sharing feature. Who would prefer watching a video on a screen formed by putting three or more devices put together?

But, it is a good thing that this time the company go behind he S Pen rather than the most criticised “innovations” which it tried with the Galaxy S4 smartphone. The Eye tracking and all gimmicks of the S4 are intelligently side tracked here to high light the S Pen and its possibilities. It is true that the S Pen exclusive features are not up to the mark. But we appreciate the daring of the company to think laterally. We really thought that the Note 3 will be full of corrected features of S4.

The internal features of the Note 3 are splendid. The 3 GB RAM, the 1.9 GHz octa core processor, all are giving a crispier performance and indicates that the company is getting dominance in that fields.

Should you buy the Note 3?

Well, sorry to say, we won't recommend it. We admit that the phone is good, it performs faster, looks stylish and thinner. But spending half a lakh rupees for this would be an extravaganza. Just keep in mind that after some months this price will be shed down to Rs. 40,000/- or 35,000/-. At that time nobody will be gonna mind whether you bought the device for 50k or 35k. Rather, you will be more stressed out to see your friend owning the same device as yours with a way too lesser price tag.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Though the device is coming with a 3,200 mAh battery, we should keep in mind that there is a 3GB RAM resting inside the device. No doubt, those who buy this device, would be using the high visual effects for gaming, watching Movies and streaming. The battery will be drained out so quick that you will be very disappointed.

Though it is upgradable to the 4.3 Jelly Bean OS, it is definitely a fault from the side of Samsung that the Note 3 is coming with an older version Operating System.

The Optical Image Stabilization id taken out from the 13 MP camera of the Note 3. If you are a camera freak, you will know how much it is gonna cost. This cutting down was rather unexpected.

These are the reasons why we do not recommend the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. If you are so particular that you need one, we would advice you to wait for a few more weeks. By the time, you will get more user reviews and will get a clear idea about the missing features, more detailed information about the battery life, the OS update etc. Its is a matter of nearly half a lakh! So be really conscious about the nuances of the device.
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Absolutely right.This is very expensive device not worth the penny that we will spend.It is very sad to see likes of samsung,nexus, LG launching it's phones in india a bit late than global launch and trying to sell it at a higher price than the international market.This is a dead deal.These manucaturers should be thrown out of india.
By on 21-09-2013

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