Is Your Smartphone Damaging Your Brain?

There are more damages your smartphone can cause you other than radiation.

Radiation is not the only damage your smartphone can cause you. There are more deadly and silent damages which you will never even think of in your wildest dreams. A recent study has pointed out that among 40 million users of smartphones, half are under the age of 25. The main reason is the easy access to the social networking sites.

The smartphones are made to make human life more easier, up to date and improved. But on the other hand, the devices are making humans more dumb. It is overdriving our brains, affecting its cells and obliviating our minds over time. Here are we are listing some major issues caused by the over use of smartphones.

Smartphone Affecting Brain

1. The over usage of the phones will slowly lead us to a state of mind, where we lose our capacity to store phone numbers, dates, important meetings, birthdays etc in our brain. Earlier, we had no problem in reminding the emergency phone numbers. The present generation does not know their parents' number or house phone number or sometimes even their own number.

2. Lack of out door plays can affect the children's cognitive development. Awareness, perception, reasoning, judgment, team work, sportsman spirit, positive attitude, all these are to be learnt from the out side world. A child grown inside the four walls with the smartphone toy, will never gonna develop these skills.

3. Smartphones are making us poor thinkers. We are never trying to recollect anything from our memory. Neither do we try to store any information. Google is there no? Any doubt in academics, search in Google. Any new information? Search Google. These relying is making our memory power poor and are making us so poor in thinking. Our brain also has multitasking feature which we seldom use nowadays, thanks to smartphones!

4. A latest study carried out in the Mc Gill University showed that people who use GPS are slow in memory than those who don't use it. As per the study, the GPS usage can damage the function of the hippocampus, which controls the memory and the spacial orientation.

5. Using smartphone to listen to music always with the headphones on and volume at the maximum can result in temporary or permanent hear loss.

Here are some tips to escape from these damages:

Smartphone Affecting Brain

1. Do not let your children play with your smartphone. Your child does not need a smartphone while at home. Give them a feature phone when they go out so that they can use it in emergency situations.

2. Do not set a model for your children. Keep away your smartphone while at home. You can give your land line number to your officemates so that they can contact you if there are some emergency after you left office.

Smartphone Affecting Brain

3. Do not let the smartphone take the control of you.

4. Understand that your brain is a functioning matter and you can perform so many tasks including multi tasking with your brain. You don't need any substitute for your brain.

5. Turn the GPS off when you are not using it. Interact with people sometimes. Ask the direction to natives.

6. Use the smartphone to update your information. Keep updated. Be a data bank your friends can rely up on. Do not merely use the phone for playing games, music and videos.

7. If you are so addicted to smartphone games, try playing games which can help you improve your logical thinking, decision making and compassion.

Smartphone Affecting Brain

8. Don't be a social media maniac. What you see in the social media is not the real life. The number of friends you have in the social media is not the real number of friends who will come to you when you are in need.

These are only some measures to avoid the calamity. We can only give you the possibilities and ways to avoid them. The rest is in your hands. It is your life and your family. Act wisely.

Good Luck!
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