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Read here the detailed preview of Apple's iPad Air Tablet.

When a Mini version is released, usually people forget about the original version. In most of the cases, the price of the original one will be scaled down, once the mini version is out. But Apple is always different. With the release of iPad Mini, the company brought iPad Air, the “maxi” version with new colours, new features and of course high price tag.

The Apple iPad Air has been brought in with new features and powerful innards. The thickness and the weight has been decreased in the new iPad Air. Let's have a small analysis of the iPad Air tablet.


The cut down in the thickness and the weight is the major highlight as far as the design of the new iPad Air is concerned. The device is 7.5 mm thick and 453 g heavy. Definitely, the thinner and lesser weight adds advantage to the device. It will be easy to hold and to transport. The light weight and thinness does not take back the premium look from the device. The unibody aluminum chassis is as solid as ever and adds beauty to the device.

Apple iPad Air

The sides of the device have a blunter edge. It makes sure that you will have a tight grip over the device. The previous models had a sloping side and this new design change is more than welcoming. The speaker pair is located at the sides of the Lightning port at the bottom of the device. In the previous models, the position of the speakers were at the lower left corner of the rear side of the device. There is a second microphone at the top of the rear side. This will ensure noise cancellation. The SIM slot of the device has been cut down. That means, the iPad Air will be supporting Nano SIM cards this time. Theses are the main changes that have been brought in the design of the new iPad.


As usual the Retina display is crisp and clear. The display resonates original colour, with good saturation level. The images and videos look rich in colour and pleasing to watch. The main drawback of the display is that it lacks the Touch ID feature, which Apple had inserted in its other latest devices with pride. This is a big disappointment as the price tag of the device had made the fans greedy and expecting touch ID feature in iPad Air was bare minimum hope.

Apple iPad Air


iPad Air comes with improved camera features. There is an HD front camera and a 5 MP rear camera. But the disappointing fact is that there is no flash support for the rear camera. The face time camera is improved, but Apple could have brought in more upgraded camera as most of the iPad users use the front camera often for video callings. Many of the camera features present in the iPhone 5S is missing in the iPad Air. That is not a good news.


Apple iPad Air

The innards of the iPad Air is improved and has an upper hand. There is a 64 bit A7 chip under the hood, which can ensure better performance from the device. The Operating System in the iPad Air is iOS 7.0.3. This is the latest version of the OS. The iCloud is brought back after fixing up some bugs and we can expect some bug free experience this time. The updated Safari password generator also is a good feature of the device. In short, the platform of the iPad Air is pretty strong with good features inside it.


There is a powerful processor under the hood of the iPad Air, which will ensure that the user will be getting faster performance. Other than some glitches caused by the OS, the iPad Air performs pretty fast without any hanging bugs or freezing zones. Apps are getting loaded quickly and the browsing experience is stunning than ever before. Heavy games are getting loaded quickly and the gaming experiences are simply superb. One of the major advantage is that the device does not get heated up with continuous usage. The heating up has been slowed down tremendously.

Apple iPad Air


The run time of the device, with average usage is 10 hours and we should say that it lasted as long as the company's claim in our testing. Taking in to consideration the cut down size of the battery, the battery life is quite amazing. The iPad Air has a battery of 32WHr, whereas in the previous versions, 42WHr had been installed.

Bottom Line:

Of course, Apple has took real pains to cut down the thickness and the weight of the new iPad. The display is good only with the Retina display. The device performs pretty faster and the battery life is too good.

If only they had brought in the Touch ID and the micro SD card slot, and an upgrading in the front camera, along with installing a flash for the rear camera, there would have been more applauses. We would definitely give iPad Air the title “the most comfortable 10 inch tablet ever”, as the device is easy to hold and use.


• Stunning design.
• Powerful innards.
• Faster Processor.
• Thinner and lighter design.
• Long battery life.
• Global LTE support.


• No touch ID
• No camera flash.
• Front camera could have been upgraded to higher resolution.
• High Price.
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