Xiaomi Mi 4i - The Revolutionary Smartphone of India?

The flagship device of leading Chinese mobile giant Xiaomi Mi 4i has reached India amidst great hype and cheer. Here is a detailed review on it's key specs.

The Vice President of Xiaomi Mobiles, Hugo Barra introduced the Xiaomi Mi 4i as a purely flagship device claims that the device is in fact a very thought through and highly planned induction in the market. The Xiaomi mi 4i which is all set to make its debut in the Indian market in a Flipkart flash sale, has already received an overwhelming response from Indian customers. The fact that this China based mobile company has managed to gain aide the of Mr.Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of the Tata Group, has led to a greater stir among buyers this time. Apart from all the hype surrounding the phone, we thought a detailed analysis of the it’s key specifications should give the customers a clear idea about the Xiaomi mi 4i. So have a look:

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Processor and Chipset
The 2nd gen Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor is a feature seen in the the Xiaomi mi 4i has been introduced as one of its top specs. Even though many consider the current processor as an average inclusion for a flagship device, Mr. Hugo Barra is quick to point out that the current processor is shared only by one more device in the market namely- Yu Yureka. Moreover, the smartphone runs the 64-bit processor that is faster than previous models. It consists of 4 performance cores clocking 1.7GHz and 4 power-saving cores running on a lower 1.1GHz. The processor is perfect for multitasking and running demanding applications of any kind. Paired with an Adreno 405 GPU and support for OpenGL ES 3.0, the latest standard in 3D gaming, Mi 4i is adept at handling both everyday apps and intense 3D games.

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The device runs on a 2 GB RAM and an internal flash memory of 16 GB. The lack of a micro SD card slot seems to be a major let down.

UI and Apps
The Xiaomi mi 4i feature the MIUI 6 with Android L which is the maiden OS of the Xiaomi company. The company claims that the home-grown OS has been developed through the continuous feedback received from over 100 million users. The MIUI operating system is highly customizable, beautiful and great for productivity and play. Since the UI comes with Android L support, users will be able to fully exploit the performance of the 64-bit processor while enjoying all their favourite Apps and Games.

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The Xiaomi Mi 4i allows users to do more with exciting built-in tools which take them one step ahead it’s irresistible interface. The MIUI comes with several built-in apps that are practical, simple, and absolutely beautiful. A few of these include the Weather, Notes, Mail and Calendar Apps. They assist in essential everyday tasks and make you more productive even while on the go.

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Now personalising your device with 500 themes on the MIUI 6 will make your smartphone more fun and customized. Users may chose from a variety of creative lock-screens, icons and fonts of their choice and liking. Another important feature supported by the Xiaomi Mi 4i is access to Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and select your options from a visual menu and skip all voice instructions

The Home Screen on the Mi 4i brings all your needs at your fingertips.The home screen isn't just for keeping apps in place. It gives you useful information and puts things within easy reach. Like the weather icon that shows you the weather at a glance, or quick access to the music player with a swipe. You can also get to Settings almost instantly by pulling down the notification shade. The notification system is also well built to avoid any pauses and glitches when you are gaming or using the camera. Instead, the Mi 4i employs a smart call notification which suspends a subtle notification at the top of the screen and allows you to answer or ignore a call at your leisure. The lock-screen allows you to preview messages without having to unlock your device.

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The Xiaomi Mi 4i has been designed to address all your security concerns at the system level itself. Where third party security apps fail to operate effectively, the MIUI 6 provides protection at the deepest layers of the system. The built-in Security Centre scans for viruses and manages permissions for each app. For instance, apps can be given individual access to phone data, Wi-Fi, or both. It also has a smart Blocklist and privacy protection, so you never have to worry about security-related issues.

The Display
The Xiaomi mi 4i comes with a premium 5" Full HD 1080p display from Sharp and JDI, with NTSC 95% color gamut (compared to NTSC 72% on iPhone 6). Gorgeous colors are enhanced with full lamination technology for better contrast. Mi 4i includes Sunlight Display, which uses hardware-level algorithms to adjust contrast for each pixel in real time, dramatically improving readability in sunlight. This feature is maiden to the Xiaomi mi 4i and cannot be found on any other device in the market so far. All these come protected by Corning OGS glass.

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The display is undoubtedly breath-taking and with its 441 ppi capacity that makes images sharp and colors amazingly bright on screen. The full HD display of the mi 4i is truly a unique feature considering that fact that even the iPhone 6 with its Retina HD display and 336 ppi is no match before this flagship device. So images have a distinct clarity whether you're browsing the web, reading e-books or watching a movie.

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Mi 4i display comes with an outstanding in-plane switching (IPS) 178° wide viewing angle with stunning color consistency. So, no matter how you tilt or shift your phone, for instance in a racing game, colors stay vibrant and road conditions, visible.

Rear Panel
The body of the Mi 4i is composed of a premium ultra-compact unibody design. the device comes wrapped in an integrated anti-fingerprint soft touch matte cover and fits an impressive 3120 mAh battery within a slender frame. With some major breakthroughs in the design of various internal components like the motherboard, display and battery, the device has been condensed to a mere 130g.

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The Mi 4i comes in most attractive colours- Black, White, Blue, Pink and Yellow. The device provides an excellent grip and you will find that the back cover wraps the back of the phone completely, all around the sides, and blends seamlessly with the edges of the display. Sleek stainless steel buttons are made with precision CNC machines for a sturdy, stable feel. The soft touch matte back cover is not only smooth to hold, it has been coated for extra resistance to fingerprints and grease. But the design does not end here. Below the Mi 4i’s soft touch back cover is a robust internal support structure made of magnesium alloy. Embedded inside the frame body, it is key in protecting the phone's internal components from drops and accidents.

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The speakers of the Mi 4i are also designed keeping in mind the flagship status of the device. The rear panel has 114 sound chamber holes created through a CNC drilling process. Underneath the speaker holes lies a subtle 1mm protrusion that provides better sound emissions and prevents the back cover from wearing out. At the top, the two-tone flash and noise-cancelling microphone are also precisely aligned in the middle.

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With a Smart PA playback feature in place, amplifying sound and pumping up the bass of your favourite music is as simple as ever. The Smart PA amplifies sound significantly and improves playback quality while protecting speakers from damage at high volume levels.

The Xiaomi Mi 4i comes equipped with a 13MP Sony/Samsung camera with f/2.0 aperture and 5-element lens. A two-tone flash calculates the amount of cool whites and warm yellows to mix and emit when the flash goes off and adjusts the color temperature to provide a natural lighting for all your shots. It does this by assessing color temperature of the environment, so images look natural and beautiful even with flash.

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HDR solves the problem of clicking pictures in bright daylight by taking two shots in quick succession, each with an accurate exposure for the foreground and background, and merges them together. It also applies automatic gamma and contrast tuning, color correction and low-light, noise-reducing enhancements to bring out incredibly rich detail in photos.

The Magic Focus feature enables users to adjust the focus on their pictures after having clicked them. The smartphone device also comes with a 10 second countdown timer, night image stabilisation, torch, exposure adjustments and face beautify features which make photography fun.

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The 5 MP front camera is an add on which will bring out the best selfies possible. The Mi 4i has a large f/1.8 aperture to let more light in and a wide angle lens for great selfies with friends. The selfie timer gives you more time to pose and even prompts you where to look. Even when video chatting on Skype, Line, or other apps, be assured that you will always look and feel your best.

The Xiaomi Mi 4i supports 1080p HD video recording and real time HDR which enables users to capture a greater dynamic range and in richer detail. Mi 4i lets you manually adjust focus and exposure even while recording, giving you more creative control over your videos.

Connectivity, Storage, Battery
The Mi 4i comes with 2G/3G/4G support on both dual SIM slots and support for up to 16 bands. So now managing personal and work calls will be simple. The the Mi 4i comes with intelligent dual SIM features and detailed preferred network settings for each card. A special removable micro-SIM tray has been provided to camouflage the feature in the exterior design of the device.

Xiaomi Mi 4i SIM Card Tray

With 802.11ac Wi-Fi wave 2 MU-MIMO, the Xiaomi Mi 4i allows three times faster Streaming and downloading that's three times faster than previous Wi-Fi speeds. Dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi provides for faster, more stable connections which is perfect for watching HD videos or downloading large files. Similarly, the Bluetooth 4.1 version is a an energy-efficient connection which enables faster transfer rates and lower power consumption than than the Bluetooth 4.0.

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The Mi 4i is packed with a Flash Memory of 16 GB and no provision for a micro SD slot is present in the Mi 4i. However, the Mi 4i comes with a unique Mi Cloud Storage feature which allows users to backup and share personal files, music, photos, contacts and Apps through the 10 GB additional cloud storage facility on their device. The Mi Cloud ensures 6 layers of data encryption that protects all your personal data and also helps you locate your missing phone or sync important information on a new device.

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The Mi 4i packs a surprisingly large battery of 3120 mAh in its slim and sleek panel. A high energy density battery technology using the 4.4V 700Wh/L lithium-ion polymer cell accomplishes the longer battery life. The Mi 4i has a redesigned double-sided circuit board and a custom ultra-thin OGS display to save every inch of space. The result is an incredibly thin frame that's just 7.8mm, but with an all-day 3120 mAh battery with Quick Charge that charges up to 40% in an hour.

The Last Word
Well if you’ve spent your valuable time in reading this article thoroughly, a last word would be completely unnecessary. Because, for all those who have been waiting for a smartphone with all the top features at an insanely average price, their dream definitely materializes into the Xiaomi Mi 4i. So, if you haven’t registered for the Xiaomi Mi 4i as yet, well you may want to consider doing it now!
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