iOS 9 top features

The best iOS 9 features you are yet to discover.

iOS 9 has certainly got several new features in its kitty. we have unearthed a bunch of cool features from its depths to get excited about. Read on to find out more. Here are the top ones, so you’ll know what to expect when you download the new OS today.

In depth search - Until now it has been very difficult to find a specific setting you required in order to perform your tasks. With the new iOS 9 you wont be getting lost again. The search feature has been designed to be more intelligent and more receptive. The feature even allows you to find things within apps as well.


For example if you wanted to find your old office address, all you have to do is to type what you are looking for into the search bar and you will be presented with results from the entire phone including notes, reminders, apps etc. On top of that even before you type anything on the search bar, you already get suggestions from your faithful assistant, SIRI.

Low Power Mode

Battery Saver

Battery life has always been a great concern when it comes to smartphones, but with the iOS 9 you will be gifted with a cool new feature that will extend the battery life in one single swipe, instead of individually disabling each power-consuming apps. Enabling the Low Power Mode feature is all you have to do. Being featured in the settings options, this battery mode will reduce a whole lot of internal settings as well. Thus extending the battery life of your iOS device up to an extra hour.

Move to iOS - Now switching between an Android to an iOS just got simpler with iOS 9 introducing the Move to iOS, an Android app which helps you to migrate all your contacts, photos, videos, history, bookmarks, music and all the apps to the new iOS device. This app will automatically install any free app that you already have been using on your Android and will even filter any paid apps to your iTunes Wish List. We should be saying that, with this app in fact the convenience level has been redefined.

New Photo App - With the iOS 9 when you tap on a photo in a photo album, a photo roll pops up at the bottom. So that you don't have to go back into the gallery to view the rest of the pictures in the gallery. Earlier if you wanted to look at an image in full screen mode you had to tap the image and then hit Done in order to return to the previous app screen. But with the update you can swipe down the display to return to the previous page.

Secured Passwords


If the four digit password were not good enough for you and gave you an insecure feeling so far, then you are in luck. The iOS 9 has a few stunning security choices. Apart from the conventional four digit password you get a new six-digit custom alphanumeric code.

Shift Key

Shift In Keyboard

A major change has been brought to the iOS keyboard with the inclusion of the Shift key. Thus the case of letters will change when you hit the shift button.

Search in Settings

Search Settings

Looks like Apple has realized the fact as how complicated their settings are, so in order to make it easy for you there is now a search bar which allows you to find what you are looking for. So you need not waste time going through layers of menus just to make a few small changes to your apps.

The new creative Notes app

Note App

More creative options can be performed with the new creative Notes app. The app comes with the added features of attaching images directly from the app, maps and doodles to the notes. If you tap the squiggle icon you will come across a range of tools to work with. The highlight of course is the bullet point which you can check off as you are done with those tasks.

New photo gallery

Photo Categories

With the new gallery app the photos are being stored under different sources. Thus saving your time in searching through the entire photo roll to find out a seflie which you took this morning.

iCloud Drive

Icloud Drive

If you had been storing your data in the iCloud, then now there is an app dedicated to manage all your stored files. If you enable this app within the settings then the app will appear on your home screen henceforth.
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