Apple iWatch: New Rumours

New rumours about the features of Apple iWatch

Apple is always the hot topic of discussion as far as the tech world is concerned. Whether in the form of iPhone or iPad, Apple always keeps the techworld busy discussing about it. Now, it is time for a hot discussion about the upcoming product- iWatch from Apple. Apple has been said to have the patent of wearable technology or a long time by now. There are a lot of rumours flying out there about the features of the expected Apple iWatch. Let’s check the prominent ones among them.

Apple iWatch: Design

Apple iWatch

Earlier, there were rumours about the design of the iWatch that it will be like a wearable iPod Nano. But the latest rumours confirm that the iWatch could be made of a flexible screen that wraps entirely around the user's wrist.

Apple iWatch: Display

The device will be having a screen of 1.5 inches display. The device is supposed to show the screen of any iOS device. We can predict that the screen of the watch will be displaying only the selected portion of the iOS screen, as showing the home screen of the iOS device completely on 1.5 inches display will be ridiculous.

Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch: Screen

The screen of the iWatch will be protected by curved Gorilla Glass. Definitely, a watch is a thing that needs more screen protection than a mobile phone, isn’t it? Well, with Gorilla Glass, it will be protected well, we could say. We are fed up with the long list of Apple’s patent. Apple has the patent for literally every technological wonders, and most of them remain under shadows. The screen of Apple iWatch is expected to have flexible display. As Apple has patent for a slap band form factor, flexible display will a part of it, it seems.

Apple iWatch: Bluetooth

Apple’s iWatch is expected to have Bluetooth connectivity. The iWatch is supposed to have the ability to get connected with your iPhone or iPad. So, Bluetooth is inevitable. Bluetooth with low energy will be there in the iWatch.

Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch: Applications

The Apple iWatch is supposed to have Siri, Maps and even Health monitoring. Siri is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator which works as an application for Apple's Operating System, the iOS. The application uses a language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform tasks.

The iWatch will be supported by Maps, which will help you find out your destination quicker. The health services expected form the device are a plenty. According to the reports from the cooking mill, the device can inform by itself, the needed person, in case you meet with a health issue like high heartbeats or even a heart attack!

Apple iWatch: Performance

As it will be having a Bluetooth facility and a screen display, the iWatch will not have to perform anything by its own. It needs only to display the selected operation from the iPhone or iPad device.

Some of the experts go beyond a step and revealed that they expect iWatch to be featured to predict the weather, organise your life, monitor every step you take, replace cash, make Passbook work really well and even fix the Apple Maps. If it can fix the issue with Apple Map, we will definitely vote for it!

Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch: Battery

Next rumour topic is the battery of Apple iWatch. The world expects a really powerful battery from Apple for its watch. The possibility for adopting a Wireless charging can be considered. Solar powered battery is also in the debate list.

Apple iWatch: The Big Project

According to the report of some magazine, who had the luck to speak to two “people familiar with the company’s plans”, Apple has not taken the project of iWatches lightly. According to them, a team of around 100 designers are working on it. They call the device as “a wrist watch like device, which is capable of performing those tasks which are currently being performed by iPhones and iPads”. This so called “team” includes technicians from all area of Apple. Not only the designers from iPad and iPhone, but also software developers, managers, and even marketers too. This much information was more than enough for the imaginative heads, to build their own list of features for the device.

Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch: Release Date and Price

The only confirmed news about Apple iWatch is that Apple is really making such a thing. Neither the price, nor the releasing dates are out. One thing will be pretty sure that the iWatch will not be coming with a budget friendly price. Apple and budget friendly device? No chance!

According to the reports of some other experts, iWatch can be expected in this year itself. But we cannot bet on it, as a more polished technology will need more time in getting polished.

These are the rumours regarding Apple’s iWatch. How many of these will come true, is a question that only time can answer.
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