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Read here the latest rumours about the Google Glass.

Wearable computing is the gift of the 21st century. First it was smart watches. Now it is turning its giant face to smart glasses. Google has been teasing and tempting the world with updates about their smart glasses for a while now. But it is also true that the company has won beyond expectation in grabbing the attention of the world with their smart glasses.

As the name indicated, Google Glasses is a pair of wearable glasses, which can be connected to your Android smartphone or iPhone through Bluetooth. It is voice controlled and the controls rest at either sides of the device. So, this will offer you a cent percentage hand free experience.

 Google Glass

The operating system of the Google Glass s not yet revealed. One thing is sure that either Android OS, or a special Android OS designed exclusively for the Glass will be using in the Google Glass. The Google Glass can perform amazing tasks which we had mentioned in our article “ Google Glass – Everything You Need to Know
”. The device can give you Google Map directions, it can send texts using the voice control, and can even upload youtube videos.

 Google Glass

There a siri like voice assistance supported in the Google Glass, which will make you able to talk to it, ask questions, doubts, commands etc. so, it will be like taking a tour with a super genius invisible friend.
Though there are a numerous plus points in Google Glasses, it is not free from drawbacks. There are rumours that the Glass will be full of advertisements and pop up windows, making the bearer’s sight cloudy or rather distracted. In the United States, arguments are going on to ban wearing the Glasses while driving, which is quite sensible an action, we should say.

 Google Glass

And also the other thing to be kept in mind is that the Google Glass has a camera that records anything and everything the bearer sees. So, this could be disgusting for the bearer and for others. Nobody likes to be recorded in a camera full time, right?

About the structure of the Glass, the Google Glass has a metallic frame as its skeleton. In looks, it will be just like any pair of normal glasses. Despite the size of the the glass eyepiece and the input controller the whole unit weighs in at just 42g. it has Bluetooth and Wi – Fi. The 3G support is still unclear, but one thing is sure that the device can use data from your Android smartphone or iPhone.

 Google Glass

The Google Glass has GPS for tracing the location. Though it has other controls, the voice control will be the highlighted one. The device has a 5MP camera too. So, no matter when and where, the Glass will record anything and everything once it is put on your eyes. The Glass camera can shoot video up to 720p and then share that with either YouTube or to contacts via Google+ Hangouts.

Google Glass price:

The Google Glass is expected come with a price tag of $1,500, that is approximately 84000 Indian rupees. But the final rice will be revealed only at the time of its official release.

 Google Glass

Releasing Date:

The tech world is expecting that the Google Glass will be released world wide in later 2013 or earlier 2014 with a lessened price ag so that it can fight directly with the smart watches which are expected to be released by then.

At present, the company has released an ‘Explorer’ version of the Glass for the competition winners and for the developers. We too hope that a fully ready Google Glass will be made available for the customers at a very lessened price soon.
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