Amazon to set fire with a $50 Kindle Fire tablet

If you can't beat them, under price them!!

When it comes to pricing Amazon always have a strong liking in pushing down the price of the products to an extend where none of the competitors can match. Amazon's Kindle Fire line of tablets had been there in the market for a while. Each of them had their own spec boosts during the course of time with the latest being the Fire HD 6 which was insanely priced at $99. And now according to speculations from Wall Street Journal, Amazon is working on a $50, 6-inch Tablet that is supposedly planned to be launched before this Christmas.

As of now nothing is known about the specs and the exact date of release. Amazon has always been offering products and services at real affordable prices which may even costs their own profits. The earlier released Fire HD 6 tablet costs twice this amount with advertisements so that leaves us to wonder about the quality of the specs involved in this $50 one. From the speculations its presumed that this tablet could be meant for people who want to perform simple everyday tasks like online shopping, read a book or even to look up recipes while in the kitchen. At this price tag we are expecting a tablet with a low resolution screen, average battery life, limited storage capacity and a normal processor. Even the speakers will be reduced to a single one.


The Wall Street Journal even went on to say that the new tablet will be half an inch bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus and will be coming without the voice calling feature. Earlier this year Amazon had plans of unveiling three products and now the $50 tablet is reportedly the first one to be launched. The other two products includes an 8-inch and 10-inch tablet. Rumors are even suggesting that Amazon may also be working on a 14-inch tablet as well.

Even as Amazon's Fire tablets did not exactly set the tech world on fire it looks like the company has not taken a step back when it comes to such ambitions. The soon to be released $50 tablet is the best example for this.

What we think about it

We are still not sure how the $50 Amazon product will be accepted by the people, whether they will consider this as a potentially low experience or not. Even though the $50 sounds like as if nothing redeemable is inside, it may however not be the case as we still have not got the confirmation on the spec list. Lets hope that the device will be having a standard internals and externals which may still be able to perform adequately for the intended requirements.

So what do you think? Is there any price so low you’d be tempted to buy one over an iPad, a Galaxy or Nexus tablet? Let us know in the comments.
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