Tips to Increase the Performance of your Smartphone

Here are some tips to boost the performance of your Smartphone.

It is a dream of any middle class man, to own a smartphone. There are so many varieties available. Though there are unbranded budget friendly smartphones, a proud man will always go behind branded ones. He will need a hell lot of savings from his income to find finance for the smartphone. After some months excitement with the new smartphone, he will start noticing the slower operation speed and comparatively poorer performance of his phone. Poor guy will definitely leap down to despair.


No need of worries. There are certain things you can do to improve the performance of your smartphone. Try out these things before you go to frustration.

1) Screen:

Have you put on a cute, attractive animated wall paper for your phone? Well, that can slow down your phone. Change it, and use one with lesser, or if possible, zero animation. Just like that, remove the less used icons from the home screen. If your phone has any live tiles with applications you do not open that much often, remove it.

2) Turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off:

Do not follow the habit of keeping your phone's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on all the times. Turn them on only when you are going to share a file. There are so many instances, where the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi being on unknown to the user and they received files with viruses in them. Some times, these files, got in to your phone, can make your phone sluggish. So, always try to keep those things off.

3) Close Unwanted Applications:

There will be a number of applications in your smartphone. But some of them will be running in the background, when you think that you have closed that. An application running in the background will decrease the performance speed of your phone. Mere pressing the home button will not close the application, as most of us are thinking. you will have to close the red button, which stands for closing the application, just like that in a PC.

4) Un-install unwanted applications:

If there are some applications, which you are so sure that you are never gonna use, un-install them.

5) Use a Task killer:

There are some applications, called Task Killers. As the name indicates, they will help you to close all applications you have kept open. Keeping an application running in the background will result in making the phone sluggish. Advanced Task Killer is a well recommended app that will give you the option of an Auto Kill widget for your home screen that will kill all open apps with a single press. If there are any widgets that you would like to keep running, these can be added to an ignore list.

6) Update Softwares:

Keep your softwares updated. Whether it is Operating System or any minute application, if updated version is available, update it soon.

7) Turn off the location sensors:

If you have kept applications like GPS or Twitter on, they will constantly searching for location updates. That can decrease the speed of you smartphone. Keep them off. Turn them on only when you are going to check it.

8) Connecting with the net world:

Always be very careful in browsing. Do not forget to close all the web pages. Sometimes, we might leave a web page half open, and might indulge in some other activities. We will eventually forget about that page. But it will be uploading in the background, consuming the performance speed of the phone. Always e conscious of what you are doing.

9) Clear off inbox:

If you are a text freak, means a man who likes to text than calling, you should remember to clean up your, message folders empty. A much loaded in-box and sent items can bring your phone slow. Clear them in every three or four days. Do the same with your call list too. Delete the incoming, outgoing and missed calls lists at least once in a week.

10) Clear off picture gallery:

There will be pictures in your gallery, which you had postponed to delete. Some unfocused clicks, some blur pics, some too dark pics, etc. Find some time to remove them. They will take up the storage space and will be an unwanted burden to your phone. Keep only the unavoidable pictures in your phone.

11) Clear off video gallery:

The case of pictures can be applicable to videos too. You might have stored a video long ago. Delete it if you see it no longer. Why should you make your poor phone carry a heavy load, if it is not useful for you?

12) Clear off temporary Cookies and folders/ clear cache:

You have heard about the web history, right? The same is there for a smartphone too. All the web histories and cookies will be stored by your smartphone. Clear the browsing history and the data once in a month.

If you are using a Windows 7 Phone, Go to 'Internet Explorer – Settings – Delete history'. If you are an iPhone user, go to 'Settings – Safari' and check 'Clear history', 'Clear cookies' and 'Clear cache'.

13) Re start at times:

Turning your phone off for sometimes, and then re starting is a very good exercise for your phone. Restart your phone, at least once in a week. If your phone has already started to be slow, increase the frequency of re starting.

14) Too slow? Time to back up your data:

Even after trying all these tricks, if your phone continues to be sluggish, you should figure out that there is some major issues. You should back up all the necessary files immediately, before the phone gets completely hung up.

These are some simple tips you can follow to increase the performance of your smartphone. Try it out and feel the difference.

Wishing a faster and longer performance for your smartphone.

Best of Luck!
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