iPhone Tips and Tricks

Have an iPhone? Here are some useful tips and tricks!

iPhone has become the new fashion status of the youth and the delegates. But there are so many users of iPhone, who don't know the short cuts and tricks that can really lessen their effort and time in exploring their iPhone. Here we are giving you some important tricks and tips.

• Short cut to top of iPhone screen:

Have you been reading a lengthy page? Reached its bottom? What will you do to go to the top of the page? Scroll up all the way. No man. There is an easy way. Tap on the status bar at the top of iPhone screen to quickly scroll to top of page in web browser, email, or SMS message. Its simple.

• Multitasking bar:

Make use of the multi tasking bar to switch app without closing the current one. Double press the home button to bring up the multitasking bar. All your open apps will appeal so you can swap between two recently opened apps without having to close the one you are using. Have you tried it?

iPhone Tips and Tricks

• Better control over music:

Control music while surfing the web or using other apps by double clicking the home button. It will bring up the multitasking bar. Slide finger to the right across the bar and hidden music controls will appear. Now you can quickly skip a song or pause without exiting the app.

• All notifications at a glance:

Slide your finger down from the status bar to access the notification centre. If no status bar is showing, slide your finger down from the top of the screen. You can clear notifications by tapping the x and then clear to keep only the most important app updates in notification centre.

• Hush Hush your phone:

Tap one of the volume buttons on the side of your iPhone to immediately silence your phone if it is ringing or vibrating.

• Searching for re-dial icon?:

Open phone and tap on keypad. Tap call icon twice and it will retail the last dialled number.

iPhone Tips and Tricks

• Search it in your iPhone:

Access Spotlight search by swiping to it (left of the first screen) or pressing the home button while on the first screen of apps. Then you can search your iPhone for contacts, apps music, podcasts, video, audio-books, notes, emails, calendar entries, and SMS messages. Spotlight can be used to quickly dial a contact or launch an app and also to search the web and Wikipedia.

• Searching for your own number?:

Don't panic. Your own number is located on the top of your contacts.

• Taking Screen shots:

Press the home and on/off buttons at the same time. The screen will flash and the camera sound will be heard. The captured photo of the screen will be there in the Camera Roll in the photos app. Use the screen shot feature to save images from apps and websites.

iPhone Tips and Tricks

• Controlling apps:

Hold your finger on one of the apps for a couple seconds and they will all start to shake. Drag them around to rearrange. Delete downloaded apps by tapping the x.

• How to delete individual calls:

Tap recents in the phone app and swipe across the call with your finger to reveal the delete button. Tap the delete button to delete your call. To delete all entries, tap the edit button and then tap the clear button. The list will be cleared.

• How to create a folder?:

Group up to twelve apps together in a folder by dragging one app on top of the other. This creates a folder. You can name and arrange the folder. If you like, you can also place your folder on the dock at the bottom of your screen.

Typing Tricks/Tips:

• To capitalize a word, hold the shift key down.

• To type a capital letter, tap and hold the shift button, then drag your finger over to the letter and let it go.

• Punctuate or put numbers easily by tapping and holding the 123 button, then sliding to any number or punctuation button and releasing your finger.

iPhone Tips and Tricks

• Undo or Redo? Just shake: Shake your phone to undo your typing. Shake again to redo. Your phone will pop up a query to double check.

• Wanna turn on the Caps Lock? Enable caps lock by opening settings, general, keyboard, and turning on enable caps lock. You can double tap the shift key to turn on caps lock. It will turn blue when locked.

• Hold keys for extras: If you hold down certain letters or punctuation on the keyboard, pop-ups will appear with other options.

• Cut, copy, and paste: Cut, copy or paste the text by double tapping or holding down text and then waiting for the copy button to appear. Tap once where you would like to paste the text and tap paste.

• Need a Magnifying Glass?: To get a magnifying glass, hold your finger over the text for a second. A small magnifying glass will appear.

• Wanna insert a period?: To insert a period, tap the space key twice, or the press the space key with two fingers at the same time. A period and a single space will be inserted.

• Quick correction: Easily correct a word when you type it in wrong or when the auto-correct changes it, by taping the backspace key once. Then you will be able to see the replacement options and tap on the word you want to change it to.

iPhone Tips and Tricks

• Create short cuts: Create custom typing short cuts by opening Settings, General, Keyboard, then Add New Short Cut.

• Count SMS character: Turn on SMS character count by opening Settings, Messages, Turn on character count. This feature will not appear for iMessages as the character count is unlimited there.

Camera Tricks/Tips

• Press volume up button on the side of your iPhone to take a picture. This will let you to hold the phone straight, and it will eventually give more stability to the picture.

• While using the Camera app, to get the Camera Roll apps, slide the finger from left to right. Keep sliding to see recent photos. Tap the screen, then tap the blue camera icon, to go back to camera and take more photos.

• Open camera from lock screen by double tapping the home button and tapping the camera icon.

• Use the front camera to check yourself out by tapping the flip icon in the top right corner of the Camera app.

• To send multiple photos, select the photos in the photos app using the arrow icon, tap the photos you want and then share or copy.

Our tips/tricks list for iPhone does not end here. Keep visiting for more tricks and tips.

Good Luck!
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