Tips to Save Your Smartphone from Getting Outdated

Take a few tips and make your phone able to pass the test of time.

There is a funny talk prevailing that Marrying man/woman and buying a smartphone have one thing in common – we will notice better ones with better features in a more affordable price, only after committing it. Keep the matter of marriage aside, but we are sure that the talk is true as far as the smartphones are concerned. The king smart phone of a time will become the out dated with in 6 months. It is really a disappointing thing no? You have spent a pretty good amount of money to own a brand new smart phone and with in months it becomes so out dated. Though there are no permanent solution for this problem, we can do something. When you buy a smart phone, buy the one which has strong features, which are durable. Do you know what are those? Well, we can help you here. Here is a list of features, which you should make sure that your new phone has, so that you will not be out dated that soon.

1.HD display with good ppi:

One of the main thing to be taken care of the display of any smart phone is its pixel density and resolution. The screen size could vary from 5 inches onwards. But keep in mind to take phones with HD display. There will be no going back from HD display. 720 pixel display is a must if you want your smartphone to pass the test of time. It should have a ppi above 250. Anything close to 320 ppi is ideal since the human eye can’t distinguish between pixels above this.

HD Display


Its an era of multi tasking. For a flawless multi tasking with so many apps, you will need a good RAM. The age of RAM of MBs are gone. Do not go for anything lesser than 2GB of RAM. The difference between the 1GB and 2GB might not be very evident for a normal user, but if you are a person who has special liking for games and such apps, which will have to load high resolution textures in to memory, the 2GB will be needed. So, pay attention to he RAM.

3.Internal and Expandable Memories:

The current generation is very much conscious about the storage facilities of their smart phone. They use the phone not only for calling, but for file sharing, storing, gaming, watching videos, download apps, stream music, browse the internet etc. For all these, enough memory is needed. If it is a phone with HD display with good ppi, the videos will be amazing. For storing more files, you will need enough memory space.

There are phones available in the market with and without expandable memory. If you are buying a smart phone with no expandable memory, better you make sure that the phone has at least 16GB internal storage memory.

Smartphone Processor


The number of cores of the CPU are getting increased. It will result in faster performance and easy tasking. Now the trend is Quad core. Soon it will be Octa core. So, when you are buying a smartphone, buy the one has at least dual core, if not quad core.


The use of the camera of smartphone has travelled well beyond mere taking pictures occasionally. Augmented reality apps, card scanners, OCR and face tracking for gesture support all these can be performed by your camera. As you all know, it is not the pixel that matters, but the sensors. BSI {Backside Illuminated Sensor) is one of the best available in the market right now. So, be clever enough to know about the sensor of the camera of your smart phone before buying it.

These are the main things you should take in to consideration, if you want to save your smart phone from getting older. There are some other things too, like the brand name and the budget. There are a plenty of brands out there. But when you are gonna but a phone that you want to last for a long time, go for a branded one. They might be a bit costly than the other ones. But they will be worth it.

Keep these tips in mind.

Best of Luck!
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