Smartphones Tips for New Users

Here are some tips to get you used to your new smartphone.

Bought a smartphone recently? Having trouble with your first smartphone? You should know that you are not alone. There are thousands of other people who find it difficult to get used with their brand new smartphone. Well, there are some steps you can follow, which will help you to get friendly with your smartphone.

Smartphone Tips for New Users

Here are some guidelines. Follow these, and you will be able to befriend your smartphone more easily. Just have a look.

1.Getting started:

Well, let us begin from the very first step. Finally, you have chosen the best smartphone for you and bought it at the best price available. What is the next thing to do? Have you thought about accessories? Other than the accessories which come along with the new phone, (like the charger, USB cable, etc.), there are some other accessories which might be helpful for you.

Phone Accessories


Have you thought about giving your phone's screen an extra layer of protection? If not, it is the right time to consider it.

Screen guard: You smart phone might have Gorilla Glass to protect it from scratches. It is always good to give an extra layer of protection. This will keep your phone look new for a long time.

Phone Case

Case: Buy a case for your phone. We know that you will take care of your new smartphone like anything. But we can't control accidents right? There are high chances that a phone might fall down. Better cover it with a case. So many varieties of cases are available in the market. From cheap ones to expensive, cases are available. Spent some time online and select a colorful case for your new mobile.

Phone Pouch

Pouch: Buy a pouch if you need one. If you are in the habit of keeping your phone along with coins and keys in your pocket, the chances of your mobile getting scratches are high. In such cases you can use a pouch. Pouches are available in the market from Rs. 10/- onwards. You will get a wide variety of colours, materials and types of pouches. Choose one for a better protection.

SD card: If you have an old SD card with you, this might not be necessary. But you should make sure the memory card is apt for your phone. If your new smartphone can accept SD cards of a higher capacity, you can but a new one. Be careful to buy good quality SD cards. Your phone is brand new and cheaper low quality SD cards can affect the performance of your phone.

Mini SIM and Micro SIM

SIM card: You might have your old SIM card with you. Remember, old phones uses Mini SIM cards, whereas most of the smartphones accept only Micro Sim cards. You can cut your Mini SIM to Micro SIM with the help of the mobile store people. They have the cutter with them. But there are instances that the old chip of the Mini SIM being too big. In such cases, your SIM might not work well even after cutting. In such cases, you should get a duplicate SIM. Walk in to the next official store of your network provider. Take copies of you ID proof and photo. You will get a duplicate SIM within hours.

Smartphone Battery Charge

2. Battery charging:

Read the user manual thoroughly and figure out how long they have instructed to charge the phone. Make sure that you do not over/ under charge it. And also, do not charge the phone when you see that the battery charge is half empty. It is always better to use the phone until the last drop of the charge and then charge it again. This complete use of charge and refilling is the healthy method.

3.Transfer your data:

Do not forget to copy your contacts, photos, videos, songs and all data to your new phone. You can use any software/ app available for data transfer. If none are handy, you can simply copy all the files to your SIM card or SD card then past it to the new phone. If you have any plans to sell your old phone, better you delete the original files from your old mobile after copying.

4.SD card:

Install your SD card properly and check whether you have copied all the necessary files. Sort the files out and organise. You can download File Manager apps from the official store for better file managing.

5.Customize your home screen:

Decide what all do you need on your home screen. Filter out the apps and bring all the most necessary apps and short cuts on the home screen. Customise the home screen suiting for your needs.

Smartphone Camera

6. Explore your camera:

Explore the camera of your new smartphone. Check both the cameras (if your phone has front camera too). Try taking some trial pics, record some random videos and try video calling (if your phone supports it). Make sure that everything is working properly. Try out the flash and zooming too. You should cross check that everything is as described in the user's manual.

7.Install a phone finder app:

Smartphone theft is very common nowadays. Better you install a phone finder app. You will get so many from the official store. These apps will help you to locate, call, lock or even erase the data. This will be highly useful.

8.Connectivity options:

Check all the connectivity options. Make sure they are working properly. Get connected to internet and social networks and make sure that you are getting timely updates.

Smartphone Apps


Explore the Apps Store of your smartphone. Try out the free apps first. Only then go for the paid one. There are free trial apps are available for the paid ones too. So, you can make sure that the app is perfect for you, before making a purchase.

10. Take time to get used:

Do not think that you can master your phone with in a day or week. It is a time taking process. The longer you use the phone, the better you'll know it. So, do not sit with your phone ignoring food, drinks or even your dear ones.

11. Stop comparing:

You should not compare and contrast your new phone with your old phone or that of your friends. Every phone has certain peculiarities. Pros and Cons will be different for two different phones. So, there is no point in comparing your phone with other one and worrying about the features you miss.

12. Do a bit of research:

It is always get to know all the details about your phone. If you have an internet connection, just Google your phone and you will see so nay support forums. Most of the issues will be discussed there. It would be really relieving to know that you are not the only person having these difficulties.

Smartphone Addiction

13. Don't be addicted:

One thing you should be very conscious about is that you should not allow the smartphone to take control of your life. Smartphone is to support your life. Not the vice versa. Recent studies have proved that gadgets like smartphones, PCs, Lap Tops, Tablets etc. have a main role in disturbing the harmony of a family life. Do not set another model of a smartphone destructed family by yourself.

14. User's Manual:

Most of the users do not use the User's Manual. They are meant to help you. Don't be too lazy to read it. You should go through it at least once. There will be so many bits and pieces of information which could be very useful at some point of time.

15. Keep the documents:

Keep the bill, Warranty card and all the documents of the smartphone safe. In case is something goes wrong, you will get a replacement if it is with in the warranty period. It is always useful to keep all these documents safe, as if any time in the future you decide to sell your phone, they will be useful.

Hope these guidelines were useful for you.

Good Luck!
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