Upcoming Lumia Flagships from Microsoft

Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual Sim Series Coming Soon

Microsoft has officially made the plans to launch their upcoming Lumia series of smart phone. The Microsoft Lumia 640 dual sim series of smart phone from the company is ready to face its rivals in the windows and android market.

The latest flagship of the company is ready to mark its debut in three subsequent models. The Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual Sim, the 640 XL Dual Sim and the 640 XL LTE Dual Sim versions of the phone will be soon made available by the company in the world smart phone market. As for all the Lumia series of smart phones, the 640 series also comes in similar and upgraded features and colour options. Design and styling of the device goes hand-in-hand with similar design pattern of that of the Lumia 630 and the 635 series. A vibrant range of four colour option is made available by the company which includes Orange, White, Black and Cyan. The matte finish battery panel, like all the other Lumia versions, is well finished and gives the device a refined look.

2015 Microsoft Lumia 640 Series

Screen configuration of all the three device comes with a Clear Black IPS LCD screen. The 640 XL and the 640 XL LTE Dual Sim versions of the Lumia comes with a 5.7 inch HD display while the Lumia 640 Dual Sim comes with a slightly smaller 5 inch HD Display. Camera specification of the 640 XL and the 640 XL LTE comes with a 13MP primary camera while the 640 Dual Sim comes with an 8MP rear camera. All the three devices is equipped with an internal 8GB memory and an expandable memory storage up to 128GB via MicroSD card slot. A 30GB OneDrive storage capacity is also offered by Microsoft for its Lumia users.

2015 Microsoft Lumia 640 Series

Battery of all three devices are installed with three different power ratios. The 640 XL LTE, which is the high end version of the 640 series, is equipped with a massive 3120mAh battery whereas the 640 XL and 640 series comes with a 3000mAh and 2500mAh capacity battery respectively. Pre installed application list includes Facebook, WhatsApp, OneDrive, Twitter, Linkedin etc... Both the 640 XL and XL LTE comes with an NFC feature for advanced pairing and connectivity.

2015 Microsoft Lumia 640 Series

Price of the three devices in the Microsoft Lumia 640 series has not been yet declared officially. Yet overall functions and features of the three devices might come in an affordable range like all other Lumia Windows series smart phones available.
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