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Tagged to be the most affordable Nexus so far.

Each year the time of launch of new Nexus smartphones are quite exciting. A handful load of leaks has already traveled around regarding Google's soon to be unveiled Nexus handsets. This year is noc exception as as the next Nexus device will be featuring the newest version of Android 6.0 aka Android M(Marshmallow). This year two Nexus devices will be unveiled with one being made by Huawei and the other from LG. Read on more to find about what all you have to be expecting from LG Nexus 5.

Speculations regarding the name has not yet been subdued. Even though media has already dubbed the device as LG Nexus 5(2015), the name has not officially been confirmed. This has been coined in respect to the naming strategy adopted by the other OEM's. For instance LG with G series, HTC with One M series, Intex with Aqua series are a few among the list. Thus we have to wait until Google and LG officially releases the handset to know what the handset will actually be called.

Lg Nexus 5 Leaked

Several leaked images of the LG Nexus 5 has already made headlines and has even created a lot of abuzz. Sources claim that the design is one area where the handset is expected to be different. The rear has undergone significant changes with the camera being moved to the top center. The rear sensor is flaunted by the dual-LED flash and the laser auto-focus module on a side. A finger print scanner is spotted right below the rear camera. From the images it looks like the device has been trimmed down a bit as well. The way the side buttons have been positioned has also changed. The volume rocker has been lowered and now is almost in the middle. The power button has also being dropped in height and now is in live with the fingerprint scanner.

LG Nexus has already been labeled as an “affordable Nexus” and thus we are quite apprehensive about the display features of the handset. Indeed all the tweaks and rumors has only confirmed our fears. The display size is most likely to be small and is expected to be around 5.2 inches. And it seems that the size has already been confirmed. Next what matters is the resolution. Some touts that the display will come equipped in full HD with a screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

Under the hood
The LG Nexus 5 will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor and is bundled with 3 GB of RAM space. In fact, when you consider the options for the processor, it seems that the 808 will be in action since the Snapdragon 820 will not be out yet, the 810 is problematic and the 808 is kind of the best option for a device in this range. The 3GB RAM space will also be a debatable point as most of the flagships now are featuring 4GB of RAM space. The handset will be available in two storage variants, a 16 GB and a 32 GB one. Nothing has been mentioned about expandable external memory support.

The battery which is expected to be roped in the LG Nexus 5 is a 2,700mAh one. With the given display size and screen resolution this would be adequate enough. We hope that the device will be featuring extra softwares for Quick/Turbo charging.
Since the affordability tag lingers around, we guess the specs are light and nothing exceptional.

The very initial rumors regarding this handset were about its camera. Whether it will be featuring a dual camera setup or not. But now it looks like the handset sports a single rear camera which is closely followed by the finger print scanner. The rear camera is said to feature a 13 MP sensor with dual-LED flash and a laser auto focus module. The front will be housing a 5 MP snapper which is in fact an upgraded option since the previous LG Nexus came with only 1.3 MP front camera.

Concluding Thoughts
It does seem that September 29th will be the most probable unveiling date for the handset. Nothing has been said about the pricing of the handset and even on its availability. The available color variants will be Blue, white and Mint color.
In order to know about more details of the specs and its features you have to patiently wait until the launch of the handset which will happen by the end of this month. The pre-oders for the handset will be taken starting from the 2nd week of October.
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