Silent Circle Blackphone 2 – Privacy Without Compromise

Blackphone is the world’s first smartphone built from the ground up to be private by design.

The Blackphone 2, the second device from the Swiss company Silent Circle, is unique. It promises a fully private experience, with advanced security features, deep permissions management, and encrypted voice, text, and video chat built in. The phone, which runs a heavily modified version of Android, lets you fiddle with the most granular permissions settings of all your apps, giving you a level of privacy control that far exceeds that of regular Android phones. And when you make a call, send a text, or fire up a video conference, your communications travel encrypted across Silent Circle’s private cloud VPN, better protecting you from spies. Few Smartphone’s are as laser-focused on security as the Blackphone 2. While the original, call-encrypting Blackphone was designed mainly for privacy-minded consumers, the new model aims to play more of an enterprise role, updating its Android-based Silent OS software to include support for Android for Work.

Silent OS is an Android-based operating system, enhanced to address mobile privacy concerns facing enterprises today. Free of bloat ware, hooks to carriers, and leaky data, Silent OS puts privacy in the hands of you and your enterprise, without compromising productivity. Spaces creates multiple, separate virtual phones on one device, enabling work life and personal life to stay securely compartmentalized. No data is shared between spaces. It creates up to four separate spaces that act like virtual phone’s, keeps your apps and data secure and moreover customizes each space any way you like. Enterprise spaces are set and controlled by the enterprise, not the end user, enabling user satisfaction while reinforcing enterprise security needs and policies. At the heart of Silent OS, Security Centre puts privacy settings at the user’s fingertips. Blackphone comes preloaded with our own apps as well as third party apps that enable private, encrypted communication. Silent OS has the world’s fastest vulnerability management. Critical vulnerabilities are patched within 72 hours of detection or reporting, and updates come directly from Silent Circle, with no carrier delays or waiting periods.

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A quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chip with 3GB of RAM offers solid processing power, while the big 5.5in display, 13MP camera and 32GB internal storage drive are on par with most good consumer handsets. However, certainly the most important security feature on this phone is that all of this stuff is very easy to use, and presented in a way that’s simple to understand. We’ve seen secure mobile devices before, including Blackphone’s previous attempt at phone hardware. Download whatever you’d like from the Google Play store because of that code audit procedure, if you happen to download malware, the OS will warn you in many cases where a regular Android phone wouldn’t know the difference.

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In this modernized society where technology is creating a revolution the first and the last thing a person wants is ‘Security’ this phone offers quite as much is needed in your social life and to some extends your personal. The price of this phone is priced at $799 in the US, which when converted makes the phone level up to an iPhone 5 and stays in that range. Well again its packed with security, so it deserves to be pricey.

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