Samsung Galaxy S4 Release in Gangnam Style

Watch here the “S for Samsung Style Video”!

We have seen different types of launching events. When it comes to the tech giants, there are chances that they might go to the extremes to make their device really noticed. Recently, we see the launching event of Samsung Galaxy S4 in the New York City. Now, Samsung has shaken India with its “Samsung Style” stage performance by Ranveer Singh during the release of Samsung Galaxy S4 in India.

The viral Gangnam Style by Psy has been popular in India too. Ranveer Singh's new performance for the releasing event was almost like that. There are changes in the lyrics. The song is all about the specialities of Galaxy S4. For the refrain “its gangnam style”, they have inserted “S for Samsung style”.
According to the reports, the event has been hosted by the Reliance Digital, who is a strong partner of Samsung in India. Other than this performance by Ranveer Singh, there was yet another butchered version of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe", with the essential lyric change "Here's my Samsung / So call me maybe."

Check out the “S for Samsung Style” performance here:

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