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Cellphone Tips

Useful Tips for Mobile Phone Care, Maintenance, Battery and Safe Handling

A tip is always welcoming. It can cost you nothing. But it can make you an expert among your friends. A tip is always double beneficiary. It will be helpful to you as well as to your dear ones, through you. Here, numerous tips about your cellphones are waiting for you to explore! Read them and experience the difference!

Android has been around for a while and many know how to operate them also. But when it comes to hidden secret features, not everyone has a clue. Android is having a secret 'flappy bird like'a game.
Nowadays Smartphone companies are manufacturing mobile phones with higher clock processors, bigger RAM (Random Access Memory), huge internal storage, mind-blowing display size and eye bulging camera s.
Android devices are selling out like hot cakes and hackers and malware creators are using this opportunity to inject new malicious content to as many devices as possible to make quick bucks. Recen.
Technology widened our world view but only with straining our eyes. Consuming digital screens for information and connectivity now seems a daily affair, but there is possible chance that, the recep.
You don't need to start charging from the lowest percent to preserve the life of your battery. Many people suggest that charging your battery from below 15% to 100% is good for battery life. But it'.
Getting a new Android smartphone certainly calls for excitement and celebration. Your hands may perhaps tremble with anxiousness and happiness. It may even leave you panicking over how much work is le.
Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our everyday life by helping people cram in work into their daily lives even out of office and to stay connected with all the dear ones. But seldom do .
Smartphones are everywhere you turn your head to. The need for one is so very high as well. The modern soicety is so flooded with technology and the use of this makes our brain busier than ever. Every.
Your smartphone is indispensable so is your mobile data. Mobile data is one way to gain access to the internet when you are not connected to a WiFi connection. The advantage of using a mobile data is .
In this modern era of technology people are using smartphones and the internet as an “extension of their memory” and self which may lead to 'digital amnesia', a new survey by Kaspersky hints. In t.
Smartphones are definitely here to stay. They have opened up a whole new avenue of possibilities. From simple flip phones to these huge junks of software these gadgets are certainly something to wonde.
A day without your smartphone is totally unimaginable. In fact we hate it when our phone turns off or even when the network reception is poor. The way this tech revolution has altered our lives is not.
USB devices has always been an inevitable part of our daily life. If we take a look around our home or office quite a few USB cables and devices can be spotted. At present there are already seven type.

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