Most Helpful 15 Suicide Prevention Apps Available On Android

It is high time we take mental health seriously

Disclaimer: If you are having suicidal thoughts or know someone who has them, please consult a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Professional medical help including counseling is extremely important and essential for a person suffering from suicidal tendencies. The apps mentioned here are not meant to act as substitutes for mental health practitioners but might be useful as supplementary resources. Also, these apps could help a person who doesn't have access to proper care.

Suicide Prevention

A teenager in Mumbai recently committed suicide, allegedly due to an online game named the 'Blue Whale Challenge'. This has led to the debate about harmful effects of the internet, smartphones and other digital technologies reaching a deafening crescendo. But can modern gadgets be used only for harmful causes? Here is a list of some suicide prevention apps that can be downloaded on your Android smartphone:

1. Stay Alive

Stay Alive App

Stay Alive is one of the most comprehensive apps on suicide prevention. On it, you can fill in a safety plan form which if accessed while having suicidal thoughts could guide you to safety. Further, the app can save your reasons for living and photos that encourage you to stay alive. Also, a section of the app contains directions for supporters of suicidal people. Steps to stay safe, ways to take care of yourself, breathing exercises, emergency helpline numbers from across the world, and myths about suicide too have been given on the app.

2. The LifeLine

The Lifeline App

The LifeLine is a Canadian suicide prevention app which is aimed at both people ailing from suicidal thoughts and those who want to help such people. Tips on suicide prevention and awareness, ways to improve mood, a list of helpful movies, and a bunch of emotional support videos are some of the constituents of the app.

3. DMHS Suicide Prevention App

Dmhs Suicide Prevention App

The DMHS Suicide Prevention App is a chatbot. It will ask you various questions to find out more about your condition and based on your replies will suggest measures to help you. The app also lets you create a safety plan to be referred to while feeling suicidal. Various methods of coping with suicidal thoughts have been listed on the app.

4. DMHS Suicide Prevention Info

Dmhs Suicide Info App

Not to be confused with the app above, this app from the same creator focuses on suicide prevention by providing resources about it to both suicidal people and their caregivers.

5. Suicide Helplines In India

Suicide Helplines India

Most of the apps in this list have been made outside India and hence the helpline numbers given on them are not accessible to Indians. The Suicide Helplines In India app is a database of all the suicide helpline numbers across India.

6. R U Suicidal?

R U Suicidal App

The app consists of videos of psychologists talking about suicide. These videos have been written and shot in such a manner that you feel the person in the video is talking to you.

7. Suicide Safety Plan

Safety Plan App

On this app, you get to record your warning signs, coping strategies, and reasons to live. Moreover, different modes of dealing with suicidal thoughts too have been stated on the app.

8. Operation Life

Operation Life App

Operation life has been created for Australian Defence Force personnel, but components of the app like the facility to save positive reminders, a breathing exercise audio guide (named 'KEEP CALM'), guidelines to stay safe, and a list of warning signs could aid any person from across the world affected by suicidal thoughts.

9. Ulster County SPEAK

Speak Suicide App

The Ulster County SPEAK app is meant for supporters/caregivers of suicide prone individuals. Warning signs of suicide, how to talk to suicidal people, and modus operandi of dealing with them are some of the topics dealt with on the app.

10. HELP Prevent Suicide

Help Prevent Suicide App

HELP Prevent Suicide is also an app which provides information to caregivers/supporters.

11. Suicide Lifeguard

Suicide Lifeguard App

Suicide Lifeguard is similar in function to the above two apps.

12. Prevent Suicide - NE Scotland

Prevent Suicide Ne Scotland App

The two benefits of this app are:

a) It allows you to make a safety plan, and
b) It tells you how to help a suicidal person

13. MoodTools

Moodtools App

MoodTools is an app intended to lift the mood of depressed people. This app comprises of information about depression, a test to evaluate depression severity, videos to improve emotional state, an activities recorder, and a thought diary. The safety plan feature of the app is similar to the Suicide Safety Plan app as both have been made by the same developer.

14. YouMatter

You Matter App

YouMatter is a journal for your emotions. It keeps track of your feelings and sends you mystery items (like links to YouTube videos) corresponding to your frame of mind. The Encouragement Feed shows motivational words written by fellow app users and you too can chip in with a few words to cheer up others.

15. My Life My Voice

My Life My Voice App

The 'Life Tips' section of this app provides short pieces of advice - this is ideal when you're not in the mood to read a lot. Additionally, the app keeps a record of your feelings.

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