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its good looking
By on 30-03-2013
By on 28-05-2013
its a good website
By on 05-06-2013
very good site. i am a permanent follower. nice reviews and news. keep it up.
By on 02-07-2013
I got my cell sold at a reasonable price. i was really wondered to know tat thr aere no commissions at all. i thot the site people will charge me at some stage. but no. brilliant.
By on 04-07-2013
Awesome site and really helpful!!!
By on 06-07-2013
Nice website..Detailed description.. thanku 4 such a wonderful browsing experience.. Worth it...
By on 11-07-2013
awesome site i got calls from so many callers and even sold my phone at price than i expected.
By on 23-08-2013
Hi. I have been visiting your site for past few months. For an Indian website, you are doing great job. Reviews are good. What attracted me was the tips. Noticed that a single person has been writing it all. I should admit that i was surprised to realize that it was an Indian girl! Keep it up Indians. You can go farthest.
By on 05-09-2013
I am completely satisfied with the response. Got my iPhone sold off within a week of posting the ad. Thanks to mobiles4sale.
By on 12-10-2013
yes iam satisfied with this service
By on 19-10-2013
yes i am satisfied with the service
By on 22-11-2013
call me urgent 9634109074
By on 29-11-2013
By on 26-12-2013
very helpful...
By on 04-04-2014
managed to sell my phone within a week. Thanks a lot. Very useful site
By on 08-04-2014
Wow its amazing i sold my mobile within a week after placing the ad really a good site for selling and buying mobiles
By on 04-05-2014
I sold my self in local market much high price but this site help me .
Thanking you.
By on 19-05-2014
Easy for selling / buying things
By on 26-05-2014
I will not prefer late response.
By on 27-06-2014
very nice site for selling celkon a35k mobile sold in 1 day itself.the credit goes to mobiles4sale...great
By on 30-08-2014
Good website to sell second hand items
By on 19-09-2014
By on 04-10-2014
very good
By on 11-11-2014
By on 04-02-2015
Excellent service
By on 08-03-2015
It's OK reply from buyers...I can't sell my smartphone through this website
By on 18-03-2015
By on 04-04-2016
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