What Would 'The Smartphone Of The Future' Look Like?

Check out how the future of smartphones will look like ?

What was once thought to be mere dreams have taken forms into reality, from the regular telephones to mobile phone and then to smartphones that we use today, technology in the field of telephony is a true hybrid that stood the test of time. It is as fascinating as it sounds, with so much already in, what are we looking forward to, what has the future got to offer us? Time travel maybe?

Now, let us just take a peak and predict what the smartphones of the future have to offer.

Top 5 things that are not too bizarre to imagine

1. Foldable screens
Yeah, that’s right, seems that the screens of the future could be foldable. I know that may sound cheesy. But, just think about, because, some say it can be a stress hacker, but more importantly, with a flexible screen like that, you no longer have to worry about cracks or your phone’s screen shattering.

Bend Display Flexible

A flexible screen promises that you could slide your phone into a pocket or a wallet that is seemingly smaller to accommodate your phone. A flexible screen will be compact and easy to push itself into smaller spaces and remain intact. In reality, such technology already does exist in smart watches but we are not sure when they would make an entry into the smartphone world. Now even if the foldable screen doesn’t really catch well, a simpler, drop resistant, scratch resistant display can be expected in the near future targeting the clumsier smartphone user.

2. Fingerprint scanners
Fingerprint scanners embedded under the screen was expected with some of Samsung’s new releases, however not having this in place came as quite a disappointment for many.

Fingerprint Display

While the no bezel design has begun to catch the trending train, there is no much room for a fingerprint scanner to be placed anywhere physically on the phone. A built-in under screen fingerprint scanner is will be the real deal breaker and this cater to the needs of keeping the phone and data secure at all times.

3. Zoom lens cameras
Smartphone technology progresses at a brisk pace, with every passing month, the smartphone industry has something new and newer to surprise prospective consumers, and we can also hear someone claims to be the first to have this feature incorporated as well and take a swag about.

Dual Camera Smartphones

Anyhow, With so much change and modification, every phone in the market is challenging one another to be the best. Be it the price, the processor, the graphics or simply even cameras. Until a few months ago all we knew was to choose a phone with a better picture quality or to “pixel quality” as we all know it. Who in the world would have guessed that there could be phones that came with dual cameras? The 2x dual quality had been adopted and put in place by the more recent phones that were released such as the One Plus5, iPhone 7Plus and so on.

4. Augmented Reality
Video games had been fascinating people from different walks of life from as long as 3 decades. The technology of computer graphics has become much more advanced and sophisticated since then.

Augmented Reality

Today, engineers are ripping off graphics from your computer or television screens and integrating them into real-world environments. This whole new world of technology as we know it is called Augmented Reality, AR. It negates the difference between what is computer generated and what is real by enhancing what we see, what we feel. Unlike Virtual Reality, AR adds graphics, sounds, and smell to the real world as though it exists for real.

5. Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality by definition means ‘near reality’, like almost close to making it real. What we know of the world is what we capture and perceive the sense of vision, the sense of touch and so on and so forth.

Virtual Reality

However, there are other such senses like the sense of balance. Our entire experience of our surroundings comes from these sensory inputs, the whole idea of VR is to create a version of reality that isn’t really there in existence, but we perceive it to be there and respond accordingly. Technically, virtual reality is a 3-dimensional computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person. And, now the common saying “Perception is not reality”, is negated with the new one “Perception is reality”.

The technology that brings a single communicative device that could hold the purpose of a variety of device is astonishing, and the I guess, the alarm clock is still cursing the smartphone for taking away its job. Well, if you find anything more interesting the smartphone of the future is holding for us, leave it in the comments and lets us know what you think.

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