Burger King ad activated Google Home

Google fell for this ad by Burger King.

Burger King, America's global chain of hamburger and fast food restaurants in a recent advertisement made an annoying advertisement that has deliberately activated the Google Home and Google Assistant.

The advertisement includes a Burger King employee who states that he didn't have time to explain all the ingredients of Whopper he made and so as to make the audience clear, spotted saying “OK, Google, what is the Whopper burger?”

“OK, Google" is the command line used to turn on Google Assistant and Goggles intelligent home speakers Google Home which listens to the conversation all the time.

As soon as the ad aired, many devices started to follow the command line and spoke out the Wikipedia page of the Whopper burger, and out of annoyance, some edited the wiki page of the Whopper burger to be a bad tasting burger and so on.
To stop the mess, Google specifically turned off commands coming from the ad.

But, this never stopped the ad from getting an award from the jury of Cannes Lions, its Grand Prix prize. The jury’s president Ted Lim was impressed by how the ad hit directly to almost all the homes with this clever ad by Burger King.

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Last updated on 22-06-2017. Published on 22-06-2017.
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Thats so cool.. ads like these are hilarious.. now almost all companies will follow this ..lol
By on 26-06-2017
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