Galaxy Note 7 Is Back On Sale

Samsung brought back its infamous Note 7 to the market

Galaxy Note 7 is back on sale as Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition. When Samsung released Galaxy Note 7, it possessed safety risks as the smartphone has the tendency to get explode while using and this made the company to recall roughly 3 million Note 7 phones.

Galaxy Note 7 Fan

The company made a global recall of roughly 3 million Note 7 phones after numerous units caught fire. In a resort to cover up the financial losses, Samsung previously suggested a return of Note 7 through refurbished phones or rentals phones and now refurbished version of the smartphone which is called Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition is on sale in selected countries.

The recalled smartphones were refurbished with Samsung's new 8-point safety check. The new Fan Edition has different batteries from those of the old Note 7 that caused fires. As of now, the new Note 7 will be available only in South Korea and the phone will cost 699,600 WON, which roughly converts to $610 and £470.

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Last updated on 03-07-2017. Published on 03-07-2017.
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