Gmail to Cut Down on Ad Recommendations

Gmail declares that e-mail scanning would soon retire from Gmail consumer service.

Many Gmail users had always hated the idea of Gmail recommending ads based on browsing and e-mail, with speculations such as email scanning was one of the biggest controversies of all time, well Gmail puts this to a rest.

Gmail Ad Recommendation

No fear Gmail, no more mail scanning
Many felt, Gmail was less secure, they claimed Gmail to be scanning their e-mails thereby letting Gmail understand the likes and tastes of the user and later pushing ads based on these finds. This was quite absurd for many as they felt there was less scope for privacy, users were quoted saying, “If they are looking into my e-mail line by line to know what I am writing about to a dear friend and if they do this for ad recommendations, it is all business and there is hardly any room for privacy.”

Although this has no human intervention, and no “person” is reading through your mails, people have come to an understanding that this is what is going on, whether human or not. Google declared that the so-called e-mail scanning would be put to rest from Gmail service later this year. Thus, one of the most ridiculed news is going away. Once the change is implemented, Gmail ads will be in line with how Google personalizes ads for its other products. The ads we see will be displayed on settings, which can be altered anytime in Google account settings, including the option to have this feature disabled.

Gmail Ad Recommendation

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Last updated on 25-06-2017. Published on 25-06-2017.
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Google is reading all our mails.. and make hell of a lot money.. and with the new Google home i think they already know almost every stuff about everybody.. and pretty much convinced that they can skip the mail..ha ha
By on 26-06-2017
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