UAE Surprises Residents with Uplifting the Denial on WhatsApp Video and Voice Calls

It is celebration time for UAE, with WhatsApp voice and video calls becoming a reality.

Yes, this is no rumor; it is a fact that WhatsApp calls were just not what you could dream of if you were in the UAE. It is well known to the world that Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) was not allowed in this part of the world.

Whatsapp Video Calling Feature

With no official announcements or news, this facility silently took effect. It seems that all the hue sparked from a user trying to make a call, and it just worked! This opens doors to many a number of expats who were trying all different means to get in touch with their near and dear ones. It is reported that expats could not conceal their excitement, they described the event to be the perfect gift for Eid Al Fitr, in fact they could not ask for anything better.

When asked to the general public, the response came in as people stating that they tried to call and it just connected to their close ones. The best part of the news is that you could connect even while you are on your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. Users reported they could place calls using Du or Etisalat networks within the UAE.

Though residents welcome this facility made available to them, UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) confirms that they have not altered their policies; and networks providing VoIP should adhere and conform to the country’s norms and policies. However, it is quite doubtful; if this benefit would remain open to public or would be withdrawn. As of now, UAE could just embrace what they have at the tip of their fingers.

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Last updated on 22-06-2017. Published on 22-06-2017.
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if this would last, you could not ask for anything better, fingers crossed, what if it gets called off
By on 24-06-2017
for how long will this be available? any idea ?
By on 24-06-2017
so happy for the Dubai people, but if they making calls to India, our data pack be exhausted
By on 24-06-2017
So all these years this was banned? good to know information
By on 24-06-2017
I am in Dubai and yes this was a gift for us for this Eid
By on 24-06-2017
so all these yrs whatsapp was similar to SMS? congrats UAE
By on 24-06-2017
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