LG G Flex is now Official!

The next generation of curved smartphones start with LG G Flex.

World's first ever “real” curved screen smartphone is now official. After much rumours, LG finally launched the device, dubbed LG G Flex, which has a curved display screen. The OLED touch screen of he LG G Flex allows a curve on the horizontal axis.

The device has a 6 inches display. The device has a thickness of 7.9 and 8.7 mm at different points. It has a weight of 177 g. There is a 2.26 GHz quad core processor to power up the whole device. The Snapdragon 800 processor is coupled with a 2 GB RAM. The device packs a 13 MP rear camera. The whole device is charged with a battery of 3,500 mAh.

LG G Flex

The company claims that the LG G Flex is the “real” curved screened smartphone, with better calling facility and video experience. The device has a unique screen unlocking feature, which will move the wall paper f the screen as per the movement of the device. As a result, the user will be able to unlock the screen, by touching different areas of the device. The company calls this feature “swing lock screen”. There is yet another feature too, which will help the user to pinch certain multimedia app from the lock screen directly.

LG G Flex

Another feature is the “Self Healing: rear side. As per the claims of the company, the device has a capacity to resist scratches. There is a special film attached on the rear side of the smartphone, which will hold all the scratches and the scratches will be vanished soon, within minutes. Though the feature is not clear from the words, there is no way to test it, as the device is yet to be released.

LG G Flex

Dr Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, said that, “The LG G Flex is the best representation yet of how a smartphone should be curved. The LG G Flex with its distinctive design, innovative hardware and consumer-centric UX represents the most significant development in the smartphone space since smartphone became part of our regular vocabulary."

LG G Flex

The key features of LG G Flex smartphone are:

•   6 inch OLED curved display
•   2.26 GHz quad core processor
•   Android OS
•   2 GB RAM
•   13 MP primary camera
•   3,500 mAh battery
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