Are you a Samsung galaxy user?? Then beware!!!

A serious security flaw in Samsung Galaxy keyboards leaves millions of users in peril

According to sources, over 600 million Samsung galaxy users has been vulnerable to a significant security threat owing to the use of a pre-installed keyboard. The report from mobile security firm NowSecure states that the word prediction software in the device allows the hackers to gain access to the users devices.

The keyboard which cannot be uninstalled or deleted gives the hackers greater advantage of prying into the users personal data. This even allows the cyber criminals to eavesdrop into your phone calls you make, the text messages you send and receive and can even install apps on your device which indeed is very risky. The hack is due to a glitch in Samsung’s pre-installed ‘IME’ keyboard - a version of SwiftKey, which enables the user easier predictive text. It's made by British tech firm SwiftKey, which Samsung installs in devices at the factory. The hackers come to action when the keyboard software asks for regular updation , they act as a server or 'privileged system user' by sending malicious codes to the device and thereby gaining access to it.

Samsung Galaxy Keyboard Flaw Posing Serious Security Threat

Apparently Samsung has given special permissions to the IME keyboard making it way too easier for hackers to get into users data. This news has already left a number of users worried about their smartphones security. The responsibility of this keyboard flaw has not been owned by either Samsung or Swiftkey. In a Public Statement ,SwiftKey said "the way this technology was integrated on Samsung devices introduced the security vulnerability."

To comfort the worried users, the British firm debated that this hack isn't easy to carry out. It involves significant timing. A hacker can only sneak into a device when the keyboard software is utilizing a software update.
As a cautionary step NowSecure has warned the Samsung Galaxy users to ditch insecure Wifi connections inorder to stay away from being hit by hackers.
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Last updated on 24-06-2015. Published on 24-06-2015.
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