LG made Nexus 5 to hit the markets sooner than anticipated.

Google Nexus 5 progeny and Android M to launch together.

Every year like a ceremony Google unveils a new Nexus phone and so far Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and Nexus 7 etc has been released. This year also the same is about to occur and it has been rumored that most likely it is to be baptized as Nexus 5 (2015). The search giant is all set to bring out two Nexus phones which would be made by LG and Huawei.

For those of you all who are wondering what Google Nexus is, well Google Nexus is an array of electronic consumer devices that runs on android OS. Google is behind the R&D and marketing of these products. In addition to these a couple of other companies also join hands with Google for development and production purposes. These devices are considered to be Google's Android based flagship devices. Nexus devices are always among the first Android devices to get updates to their operating systems.

The Earlier Releases Of Nexus Phones

Google is tight lipped about the specifications, price and release of their upcoming device which has been dubbed as Nexus 5 (2015). with the ongoing speculations it is quite possible to expect a new Nexus phone and a new Nexus Phablet. The former made by LG and the latter by Huawei. While the one made by LG, dubbed LG Nexus 5 2015, is expected to sport a 5-inch screen, the Huawei-made Nexus is expected to be phablet offering a 5.7 inch screen. Reports suggests that the new phone launches will be clubbed in with the new OS release, Android M later this year.

Android M includes a number of important and interesting changes to the existing operating system, including a mobile payments system (in the US) and what Google calls 'more intuitive' app permissions. Android M will launch globally by later this year, and the developer release suggests that the Nexus 5 will get it straight out of the box.

Android M 6 Update

Following the age-old custom followed by Google, the phone(s) will not be unveiled later this year. If Google is partnering with Huawei to build a Phablet then it is believed that the price tag wouldn't be much high by taking into consideration the early releases of Huawei. This Chinese phone maker is quite famous for building phones with interesting specs at an affordable buy in order to rival the big brands such as Apple and Samsung. The Phablet has been codenamed as 'Bullhead'. Meanwhile, the LG-made Nexus smartphone (Nexus 5 (2015)) has been codenamed 'Angler'. And now reports suggest that LG Angler will also be the flagship device for Android M with a speculated superior 3D camera. A finger-print scanner and Type-C USB connector, the reversible and powerful connector are also on the cards.

This is all for now and we will keep you posted with any new updates regarding the same.
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