Samsung Galaxy S7 To Have A Neck To Neck Competition With Apple Upon Its Launch

Apple’s two new products won’t hold their game for long based on the 3D Touch screen, Samsung is rumored to be working on the same too.

It may be six months before we see the Samsung Galaxy S7, but rumors are already appearing that it'll have a screen similar to those in Apple's new iPhones. Samsung has tapped Synaptic to be used as its Clear Force technology to respond to various levels of screen pressure, similar to the 3D Touch on Apple's recently launched iPhone 6S. Like 3D Touch, the future S7 would provide contextual menu options in response to light and heavy screen presses. Apple may be the first smartphone-maker to bring pressure-sensitive screens to the public, but it wasn't the first to announce the feature. The Huawei Mate S was the first to announce the news early in September but still isn’t available for sale yet, it can also discern touch pressure. It's evident that touch sensitivity will be one of the new generation smartphone features.

Well, Samsung is allegedly also on the light-tap-and-hard-press bandwagon, and the source says it will be incorporated into the Galaxy S7, which wouldn't be hard to believe, given its release time frame for Q1, and the fact that the iPhone's already have their 3D Touch tech built in, so the competition in the pressure-sensitive display field is only going to grow upon the release. Samsung itself has been quick to follow and also to establish ongoing trends. Recent years have given way to features such as heart-rate sensors and fingerprint readers. The once novel curved edge display introduced in the Galaxy Note Edge made two appearances in 2015 models; the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+. We should expect Samsung to embrace the pressure-sensitive display.


Overall, the phone with its edgy display will give it an awesome look and people should be more attracted towards it. Prices should be pricier, as each time Samsung Galaxy introduces a higher digit, the price too is increased. As of now, the upcoming S7 currently has only 1 rival which is labelled with the Apple logo. The S7 has sometime till its launch and we’ll wait eagerly until then.

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Last updated on 13-10-2015. Published on 13-10-2015.
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