Patent Violation: Apple Vs Samsung

The toppest consortium in the world, Apple Inc. demands $2.75 billion from Samsung Telecommunication as Apple found that Samsung Mobiles infringed the rule of patents in United States. Reuters reports that Samsung has forged several looks, features and apps which are exactly used in the iPhone and iPad. The demanding $2.75 billion is comprised of Apples lost profit and stake in the smartphone market in US.

Patent Violation: Apple Vs Samsung

In the US smartphone market, the South Korean conglomerate had a business of $30.4 billion in 2010-12, out of which $8.16 million revenue is considered to be the annuity accounted by disintegrating the patent violation rules. Apples accountant, Mr. Terry Musika told that after checking out the sales record of Samsung in US, he found that an analyzed $8.16 billion has been came from bartering the patent violated devices in a time period of 2010-12.

In fact the strategy Samsung Mobiles has taken doesnt suit ethics. Hence the legal battle is treading in its way and is supposed to get finished by the next week. However, Apple could only report its jump in the smartphone business in the US and the worldwide industry. Meanwhile, the Korean chronicled a transparent profit of 35% growth till the month March in US. Nevertheless, Samsung is carving its way to the most extended portion of smartphoning. And last couple of year, the electronic industry witnessed a miraculous proliferation of Samsung Telecommunication.
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Last updated on 16-08-2012. Published on 16-08-2012.
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