Samsung Galaxy S4'S Advantages over Apple iPhone 5

Lets analyse the features Galaxy S4 has, to defeat the giant iPhone 5.

There is no doubt that Apple is the legendary smartphone till date. But the recent developments taking place in the smartphone market has put the legend in some kind of a competition. The recently released Samsung Galaxy S4 is becoming a real threat to iPhone 5. There are so many reasons that people start to prefer Samsung over Apple. One of the main reason is Apple's secrecy about the next device. There are so many rumours about the next device from Apple. But the company has not confirmed any. Their silence is testing the patience of the people.

As we have seen earlier, Apple does not bring in any drastic change in the new device, each time. So, according to many experts, there are no chances for Apple to upgrade the screen size of the next device. There wont be NFC either. And adding more drawbacks to it, the next iPhone will not be releasing before September. That is really a long wait.

Lets now see the major difference in the features of Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5.


When it comes to the designs of the phones, Samsung Galaxy S4 has a plastic, removable battery cover, whereas the iPhone 5 has a metal unibody built. Galaxy S4 is thicker than iPhone 5 and thinner than its predecessor. The S4 has 7.9 mm thickness. For Apple iPhone 5, the thickness is only 7.6mm. iPhone 5 is less heavier than S4. Where S4 has a weight of 130g, the iPhone 5 has only 112 g. The extra weight of the S4 is due to the bigger screen.

Though you might think that the Metal body is stronger than that of the plastic, you should not miss the point of scratches. Aluminium is more likely to invite more scratches than the plastic body.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 5

Display Screen

In the matter of display screen size, S4 overpowers iPhone 5. S4 has a bigger screen of 4.99 inches, whereas the iPhone 5 has only a 4 inches display.

Bigger the screen size is, harder it to operate the interface. You will have to struggle harder to handle the phone smoothly. The huge screen makes handling the Samsung Galaxy S4 more problematic, but if you want a phone to watch movies on, the size is an excellent bonus.

The iPhone 5 uses an IPS display just below 720p in resolution, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 uses a jaw-dropping 1080p Super OLED display screen. The S4 has greater pixel density than that of iPhone 5. In the case of the display, iPhone 5 has the same old Retina display with IPS panel. The OLED display of Samsung has benefits over iPhone in the case of contrasts and black levels.


Here, there is an advantage to S4. Like every iPhone, the iPhone 5 doesn’t let you use memory cards. The Samsung Galaxy S4 does. But remember, a 64 GB storage version of iPhone 5 models are available. So, what is the need of an extra slot and an extra sd card?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 5


As you all know, the Galaxy S4 runs with Android 4,2 version, whereas the iPhone 5 runs with iOS 6.1 Version. The iOS 6.1 Version is getting out dated.


The difference in the camera features of the phone is quite visible. iPhone 5 uses Sony’s older 8 mega pixel sensor while the Galaxy S4 uses Sony’s new 13mega pixel sensor.

But we should keep in mind that this 13MP camera is not that successful in producing extraordinarily awesome pictures. In effect, it is more or less like the 8 MP camera of the older versions. The pixels in the sensor are absolutely tiny – smaller than those of the iPhone 5’s.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 5

In the good lighting conditions, S4 camera gives you cool pictures with even exposure. It is excellent in doing that. But in low light and without flash, iPhone 5 is better than the S4.

The close-up pictures taken with S4 are really horrible. iPhone 5 has an upper hand there too. In the case of taking pictures of moving objects, the S4 camera seems to have the confusion of where to focus and finally turn a picture up with no clarity. iPhone 5 in that case, brings out pretty good pictures.

Till now, there is equal goals for both S4 and iPhone 5. Now, lets have a look at the advantages that Samsung Galaxy S4 has over the Apple iPhone 5.

Samsung's advantages over iPhone 5:

1. Display:

However you try to defend Apple, Galaxy S4 has a better display than Apple in some matters. The S4 gives a bigger 5.0 inch display on AMOLED with a 1080×1920 HD resolution in contrast to the iPhone 5’s 4.0 inch LCD panel. The screen of iPhone 5 has only 640×1136 pixels resolution. The only point with which Apple can defend here is the Retina display. But the screen size, resolution and the pixel density covers up for Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung has one more advantage here. It has Gorilla Glass 3, its latest version. The iPhone 5 has the regular version of Cornilla Gorilla Glass.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 5

2. Camera:

Except for the flashless night time shooting and close ups, Galaxy S4 ha better camera than iPhone 5. Its 13 MP sensor overcomes the Apple’s 8 MP camera feature while the S4 has more mega pixels in every shot. Other features like the Eraser mode, Eye Scroll, Sounds and Shots and dual video recording also makes the camera features of S4better than that of iPhone 5. There is no need to download any camera apps for S4, whereas, most of the iPhone 5 users will have to download three or four camera apps. The camera apps of S4 will make you able to link my Facebook, Picasa, and Dropbox photo feeds to the Galaxy in less than two minutes. There is an option to hide the photo galleries too in S4, wherein iPhone 5 will force to get another app for that.

3. Expandable memory:

Though it is true that a 64GB version of iPhone 5 is available in the market, the extra card slot feature of Galaxy S4 will be preferred, as the SD card can boost up the data transferring much easier.

4. Performance:

The S4 quad core processor allows the unit to run faster than the iPhone 5. the iPhone 5 has only a dual core processor. The quad core processor makes the Galaxy S4 able to do different tasks simultaneously, without any delay. The iPhone doesn't do this well at all. You will be surprised to see the sped at which data and web pages are getting loaded and opened in Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 5

5. Removable battery:

One of the major drawbacks of the iPhones is its non removable battery. Once you are out of the battery, you will have no other option than charging it. If you are travelling and you have got no provisions to charge the cell, then its your bad luck. Galaxy S4 allows you to carry a separate, fully charged battery along with you on a journey, as it has a removable battery.

6. Google Now on Samsung S4

Google Now is a feature that comes with the Android OS. It is an ample weapon to match with the Siri of iPhone 5. It works as a personal assistant that keeps a tab of all your activities and information on your Smartphone. It will use them in order to provide you with much relevant information. For example, Google Now can save the daily work route of yours, and can suggest alternative ways if there is a heavy traffic in the usual route. Cool no?

7. Customize your phone:

The Jelly Bean 4.2 OS of the Galaxy S4 allows its users to customize the layout of the device and appearance. It comes with a template feature that is available in the Customization Centre where you can customize the device to perform various tasks. The iPhone's poor customization is quite well known.

These are the main advantages of Samsung Galaxy S4 above Apple iPhone 5. Do not forget to put your comments. We will be coming with Apple iPhone 5's advantages over Samsung Galaxy S4 soon.

Check the table below to find out the differences between Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5.

FeaturesSamsung Galaxy S4Apple iPhone 5
Display5.0 inches
Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
1080×1920 pixels
441 ppi
4.0 inches
LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen
326 ppi
OSAndroid OS, v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)iOS 6, upgradable to iOS 6.1.3
CPUQuad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7Dual-core 1.2 GHz Apple A6
Primary Cam13 MP
4128×3096 pixels
8 MP
3264×2448 pixels
Secondary Cam2 MP
1.2 MP
Micro USB
Infra red
Memory ExpansionYes
Up to 64GB
Li-Ion 2600 mAh
Li-Po 1440 mAh
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Latest Comments

Apple's glory days are gone ever since Galaxy S2 launch itself, which launched with better features and technical specification.

1. Android UI is fully customizable with launchers, widgets, etc. Apple is in dark ages here
2. Android can talk to any bluetooth device barring the rotten cripple..sorry apple ones.
3. Galaxy S2 itself launched with 4G LTE, when Apple was still wearing diapers with only 3G.
4. Apple is definitely NOT...and I repeat NOT worth the price
By on 04-05-2013
yes iagree that i phone5 is not so good in customization, or has great big screen
my friend what is the use of buying a mobile worth 41,500,which has gorilla glass 3
but still cant handle a fall
c the videos iphone 5 dint even hav a crack on its glass even after falling fron 10 feet, s4 was long gone.
and s4 is not comfortable it can not b carried in pocket
shit happens and it happens 2 people at all times so u cant say even when ur very carefull some times mobiles fall from our hands or pockets , 1phone 5 can withstand all sorts of torture
and is the best when it comes 2 comfort and reliability on its aluminium body.
some say scratches are more prone to aluminium body than plastic but in white iphone5 u cant c the scratches at all
By on 12-05-2013

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