Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC One

Read here a detailed comparison of Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

The whole world seems busy comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Apple iPhone 5. but, we should not forget that Samsung's brand new attraction, Galaxy S4 has so many rivals other than iPhone. One of them is HTC One. In specifications, HTC One fights shoulder to shoulder with the Galaxy S4.

Lets see here a close analysis of both the phones. We have attempted a very fair comparison of the features of Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

1. Design:

If you think S3 was of the bet design, and if you are an ardent fan of Samsung's design style, then without any more thinking, you should straightly go for S4.

With its polycarbonate design, the Samsung Galaxy S4 feels solid in the hand, but doesn’t have the same premium look or feel as it is made out of plastic. But, S4 is thinner and lighter than HTC One. The power button of the S4 is easily accessible than that of the HTC One, which is located on the top left.

Samsung S4 has a removable back cover, which allows you t change the battery. HTC One is made with an elegant and premium look.

Verdict: For its stylish built and polished design, HTC One scores more than Galaxy S4. The S4 could have won the match if it had avoided the plastic thing and go for a new make over.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC One

2. Display:

The current customers are so keen about the money they spend. They will make sure that the gadget really has all the features they want. Pixel density is such a thing. The more the ppi will be, the more crispier and clearer the display be. In this case, HTC One has an upper hand over Samsung Galaxy S4. HTC One has a ppi of 468, whereas, that of the Galaxy S4 is just 441.

The HTC One outshines the Galaxy S4 in another way too. In the matter of brightness. The brightness difference is most evident when the two handsets are viewed in direct sunlight. HTC One suffered from glare. But the S4's reaction was worse. It was really tougher to read. Moreover, the AMOLED panel of Galaxy S4 has a blueish tinge on the screen it will not be milky white. This is a disadvantage of Galaxy S4.

Verdict: Taking in to consideration the screen display and its performance in the direct sunlight, HTC One scores better here.

3. Performance:

Though the s4 has cutting edge features and good performance, some users have reported a subtle lag in tits performance. Though it is really subtle, for a high-end smartphone today, that's both surprising and disappointing to see. But still, it performs faster than HTC One

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC One

Samsung made it all a fuss about the CPU of the S4. In some countries, its Octa cores. Some other places, it is Quad core. These confusion is not an advantage as far as a smartphone is concerned. Features should be clarified well for the users.

Both the HTC One and Galaxy S4 use Snapdragon 600 chip sets. Still, the Samsung Galaxy S4’s is clocked a little faster, at 1.9GHz instead of 1.7GHz of the HTC One. But we should notice that, there are no huge difference.

Verdict: Though it has some minor set backs, Samsung Galaxy S4 wins here with the small upper hand it has in the speed and accuracy of its performance.


If storage capacity is one of your criteria, you should keep in mind the storage facilities offered by the two phones. HTC One has the storage capacity of 32 or 64GB in built storage. The GS4 is currently available only with 16GB of internal space. Out of which, only 10GB will be available for the users. Samsung says 32GB and 64GB models will be available from some U.S. carriers eventually, but no specific plans have been announced for those models so far.

But we should not forget that Samsung Galaxy S4 has sd card slot and you can expand the memory up to 64GB.

Verdict: In the matter of internal storage capacity, HTC One wins the game.

5. SD card support:

Are you so sure that you need a microSD card slot? Then go for Galaxy S4. HTC One does not support external memory cards. You expand the memory of your Galaxy S4 up to 64GB with the help of the micro sd card slot.

Verdict: Samsung Galaxy cleanly wins the game here. HTC One does not have expandable memory.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC One

6. Battery:

Are you a regular traveller? If so, then you will be needing an extra charged battery to replace the current one during a journey. As HTC One does not has a removable battery, you should choose Galaxy S4. It allows you to change the battery when needed.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has larger battery than HTC One. But, it is the HTC One that gives more battery life than the S4. Even without the power saving option turned on, HTC One gave more than 6 hours, where S4 could give only 5 hours and 45 minutes with its power saving on. On power saving mode, HTC One gave 7 hours and 20 minutes, which is more than one hour longer than that of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Verdict: Its a tie here. Both the devices has its own advantage. It is true that HTC One is the one with longer battery life. But we should keep in mind that HTC One's battery is non removable.

7. Camera:

If you are so fond of low light pictures, Galaxy S4 will disappoint you. But in day light photo shoot and panoramic capturing, S4 excels HTC One.

The HTC One smartphone emphasizes better low-light performance with its Ultrapixel camera, while the S4 focuses on higher resolution and a bevy of clever features. HTC One's 4 MP Ultrapixel shooter uses a larger sensor than other phones to capture up to 300 percent more light. That’s the reason why the HTC One has more power than S4 in capturing pictures in low light.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC One

The HTC One has an advantage over the S4 when it comes to speed. Both the phones have Burst Mode, but the HTC One snapped individual photos instantaneously. The S4 showed a bit of lag, which could make it more difficult to catch moving subjects.

HTC includes a unique feature in Zoes. A dedicated Zoe button in the camera app lets you capture 20 still frames along with 3 seconds of video. Plus, the camera starts a second before you press the button and finishes 2 seconds after you press stop, which means you’re less likely to miss that moment.

The Galaxy S4 comes to this round bearing a 13-MP back camera and 2-MP front camera. In most of the situations, the camera of the S4 did beat that of the HTC One. S4's camera delivers more colour and more details. It provides us with crispier pictures than HTC One, when there is enough light.

The Dual Shot and Dual Recording of Galaxy S4 helps you in shooting images and videos using the front and back cameras at the same time. The idea is that the photographer can insert themselves into the shot, and they can choose from multiple fun themes. Another highlight feature is Eraser, which lets you remove unwanted subjects who have wandered into the frame as a photo bomb.

Verdict: Samsung Galaxy S4 wins here with so many camera features. Though it is over powered by HTC One in the matter of Low light photography, the other tremendous features of the phone makes it win the match.


HTC One is better known for its audio quality. It has dual front facing stereo speakers. Nothing better is currently available in the market other than the BoomSound speakers of HTC One. The HTC One provides amazingly loud and clear sound at just a little over half-volume.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC One

The Galaxy S4 has just a single speaker on its back, which provided loud but not that much good quality audio. The sound gets muffled when you keep the device on a table or when you hold it in your hand.

Verdict: HTC One clearly wins this shot.

9. Extra features:

If you are such a person, who like to have some flashy features on your phone, S4 can help you. It has a feature that lets you view two apps side-by-side on your screen to another that lets you scroll through Web pages by tilting your head. To be sure, many of the GS4's features are more gimmicky than practical, but there are definitely some good party tricks there.

Samsung piles on the features in the Galaxy S4, including the Air Gesture, Air View features, S Translate, S Health, S Band etc. Some other features of S4 are, Group Play, which allows playing a tune simultaneously in multiple s4 devices, S Drive, which allows hands free texting, playing songs etc while you drive, Samsung Hub etc.

Verdict: There is no room for any confusion here. The Samsung Galaxy S4 wins here over HTC One.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 will ship with a slightly newer version of Android – 4.2, while the HTC One has 4.1.2.

The approach of the two handsets are entirely different. When Samsung tries to include as many stunning extra features as possible, HTC One sticks to keeping things simple and dignified. The HTC One offers BlinkFeed interface. This is a home screen that shows recent updates including articles, tweets and Facebook updates as tiles. These updates will be arranged in tiles, which will make the accessibility easier for you.Though Samsung has not bring in any changes in the look of the TouchWiz interface, it has introduced a bunch of new features, including S Health, Smart Scroll, S Translator and Air Gesture.

Verdict: There is nothing comparable here as both the companies' strategies are entirely different. If Samsung succeeded in keeping the device trendy with all kind of stylish cool features, HTC One won in keeping the dignity and simplicity.


Last, but not least, consider the price at which both the smartphones are available in the market. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available at a price tag of Rupees 41,500/-. And the HTC One will e available at a price of Rupees 42,000/-. So, taking in to consideration the price tag, we can understand that there is not that much difference in the price tag of the devices. So, one should leave the matter of price tag here, and search for the features apt for one.

Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are two entirely different, awesome smartphones. It is up to the user to decide which one to buy, taking in to consideration the priorities. The battle between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One is a close and fierce fight.

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Check out the table below for a more accurate spec comparison.
FeaturesSamsung Galaxy S4HTC One
Display5.0 inches
Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
1080 x 1920 pixels
441 ppi
4.7 inches
Capacitive Touch Screen,
469 ppi
OSAndroid OS, v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)Android 4.1.2
CPUQuad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7Quad-core, 1.7GHz6
Primary Cam13 MP
4128 x 3096 pixels
4 MP
2688 x 1520 pixels
Secondary Cam2 MP
2.1 MP
Micro USB
Infra red
Micro USB
Infra red
Memory ExpansionYes
Up to 64GB
Li-Ion 2600 mAh
Li-Po 2300 mAh mAh
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