Sony Xperia Z Ultra VS Xperia Z

Here are the major difference between the Xperia Z Ultra and the Xperia Z smartphones.

Sony has revealed its latest smartphone in the Xperia series, the Xperia Z Ultra. As the name indicates, the Z Ultra is the modified version of the Xperia Z smartphone. Let us find out the differences between the two.

1. Display:

There is a difference in the display as far as both the smartphones are concerned. The Xperia Z has a display size of 5 inches, whereas the Xperia Z Ultra has a display size of 6.44 inches. So, obviously, the Xperia Z Ultra will take the credit of the bigger display. But the ppi is different. Though the Xperia Z is the one with the smaller display size, it has a ppi of 441. the other, despite of having a bigger screen, has 344 ppi. Which sows that the Xperia Z will be having a very slight advantage in the image crispiness ad details. There is also a SBH52 headset, which has a small screen that will make you able to read your messages and to make and attend phone calls without having to take out the phone from your pocket.

The dimensions of the phones too vary. The Xperia Z Ultra is really bigger than the Z. Guys and girls with small hands might be slightly disappointed here, as the Xperia Z Ultra will be a bit tricky for them to handle. One hand handling will have to be forgotten completely it seems. The Z Ultra weighs a bit more than the Z.

Sony Xperia Z and Xperia Z Ultra

So, there are differences in the matter of Build and display of both the phones. Yet it is really hard to proclaim a verdict on which of them is better, as the yardsticks might very from person to person.

2.The Screen:

As mentioned above, there are differences in the display of the smartphones. Sony says that the Xperia Z Ultra will be utilising the mesmerising screen effect, seen nowhere other than in the Smart TVs of Sony. TRILUMINOUS and X-reality, which are found only in the Bravia televisions of Sony, is applied in the Xperia Z Ultra. This will give it an upper hand over the screen of the Xperia Z smartphone, for sure, as this technology will be providing an upgrade in the colour palette, contrast, sharpness and colour saturation.

Sony Xperia Z

3.Touch Screen:

You can stop poking your smartphone with your finger. Xperia Z Ultra is coming with a touch screen, where you can use pens and pencils or anything that has a nib size of 1mm or larger, to operate. This is an advantage of the Z Ultra over the Z.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

4. Water resistance:

Sony has brought in all the difference with the water resistant certification in their flagship phone, Xperia Z. Now, the Xperia Z Ultra is coming with a better water resistant certification than the Xperia Z smartphone. Technically explaining, this is the difference between being ‘protected against the effects of immersion’ in water and ‘protected against submersion’. To explain in simpler terms, the Xperia Z has the capacity to stay underwater to a depth of 1m for up to 30 minutes. On the other hand, the Xperia Z Ultra can safely go under the 1m mark and stay under water for longer.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

One of the drawbacks of the water resistance of the Xperia Z was that, the headphone jack flap on the phone was made of rubber and that made the water resistant fly out the window while the headphones were plugged in. But in Xperia Z Ultra, the headphone jack is also water resistant. Seems like Sony has really paid attentions to the feed back from the users of the Xperia Z.

5. The Processor:

the processors available in the market are getting updated like in every now and then. It is tyrue that the Xperia Z was not released that long ago, but still the xperia Z Ultra comes with a more upgraded processor. The Xperia Z has a Snapdragon 600 processor, the Xperia Z Ultra a Snapdragon 800 processor. Te clocking is also different. It was 1.5 GHz in the Xperia Z and 2.2 GHz in Xperia Z Ultra.

In GPU also, the Xperia Z Ultra stands a step ahead of the Xperia Z. The former has an Adreno 330 GPU and the latter features an Adreno 320 GPU.


It is one point where the Xperia Z excels the Xperia Z Ultra. The Xperia Z has a powerful 13.1 MP camera. But disappointingly, the Z Ultra has only an 8 MP primary camera, which will be obviously worse. And adding to it, the camera in the Z Ultra has no Flash light either. That means, the user will have to forget about taking pictures, once the light is gone. Especially as the pone is having a better water resistant capacity than the Xperia Z, the LED light would have been a charm in shooting the underwater videos and pictures.

7. Battery:

The Xperia Z Ultra has moved up to a battery capacity of 3050 mAh from the 2330 mAh battery of the Xperia Z. This can not be called as an improvement. Keep in mind that the Z Ultra is a pretty large device than the Z, and bigger displays will need more power.


As expected, the Xperia Z Ultra is costlier than the Xperia Z. The latter is available at a price tag or rupees 36,000, and the Z Ultra is on for the pre booking at a price tag of rupees 55,000 approximately. The price tag of the Z Ultra is not yet finalised by the company.

Winding up:

Xperia Z Ultra is a real brave innovative attempt from Sony. Though it does not have a striking attraction, it proves that there are more scopes for upgrading the flagship phone. The SBH52 headset is quite an achievement, as the Z Ultra is a bigger device and the user will have to take pains on some occasions to take it out just for checking a pop up messages or to attend a phone call.

Read the full specification of Sony Xperia Z.

Read the full specification of Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

So, which one do you think will be the bet for you, and why? Feel free to let us know. Share you comments in the comment box given below.
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