Google Android 4.3 : An All-rounder

Google has announced their new version of Android OS – Android 4.3. Read here the details of the OS.

Along with the new Nexus 7, Google revealed its latest smartphone operating system, the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Though the tech world had been expecting altogether a new version, like the Key Lime Pie, the 4.3 Jelly Bean is not that disappointing a version, we should say. All the Nexus devices will be upgraded very soon to this latest version. Let's now check the key features of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS.

Google Android 4.3

Multi User restricted profiles:

We know that the 4.2 version of Android Jelly Bean Operating System had included multi user profiles. Now, the 4.3 Jelly Bean is coming with multi user restricted profiles. Confused? Don't be. It means that the user can can now limit or select the apps that should be included in other user's profile. For instance, if your kid is a user, you can select the games which he should play. You can even hide the particular levels, which will be asking for purchases. Hopefully, this will be a relief for so many parents.

There is not much pains in activating this app. To configure a restricted profile, you just need to go to the primary user's settings screen. We can see smiling faces of parents from here!

Google Android 4.3

Bluetooth Smart:

the new OS let you sync your smartphone with low energy Bluetooth devices like Heart Rate Monitors. This will give wider scope for wearable devices as no battery charge will be drained for this. This feature had been there in the iOS from 2012 onwards. Its a good thing that at least after one year, Google brought in something worth competing. The update also came with Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3 support, which lets your device now transmit meta data, like a song's title and artist, to Bluetooth controllers.

OpenGL ES 3.0:

The new OpenGL platforms gives the Android device user a more polished experience of 3D graphical rendering. That obviously means that the 3D games will be enriched with minute detailing like the lighting, shadow, akin texture etc. This is a good news for the gamers.


Notification bar is one of the strong feature in an Android operated device. With the new version of the OS, third party apps can access status bar notifications as they are being posted in real time. It will make the syncing between two Android Smart devices much more simple a task.

New apps:

As the new version of the OS has been released, Android friendly apps are getting updated and getting ready to enter the Play Store. Two of them are the Runtastic and Netflix. By and by more and more apps will be upgraded to be compatible with the new version of the Android OS.

Additional Attractions:

There are some more improvements in the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, though they might not seem that stunning when we deal with it separately. But together, they are something. They are :

A. Auto Complete Dialler:

The Android dialler has been made auto complete in the new version. In both phone numbers and names, the auto completion feature will be there. It will be more convenient we think. But if you have not read this, you might not even notify such a change. It is that minute, but still, it is a change and it shows how far the company has gone to make the software a perfect one.
Google Android 4.3

B. Emoji key board:

This keyboard can be installed right from the Language & input menu under Settings. Once this app is enabled, all you have to do is to long- press the space bar to express the right emotion of your heart. Cool, no?

C. The Wi-Fi Scan only mode:

It is a new feature installed to save the battery of your device. Once enabled, this feature will let Google's location service and other apps scan for network, even when the Wi-Fi is off. That results in locating more accurately, without much drainage.
Google Android 4.3

Google released this new version after, what it seems like, a very long time. The tech world had started to wait for this updation for a pretty long time by now. Better late than ever. But analysing the anticipation level, we should tell that the updation was not that much great. The Android 4.3 OS is not something to get that excited about. Well it still gives us the hope that the next version will be altogether a grand one.
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