What to do with Your Old Smartphone?

Here are some useful ways you can try!!

New smartphones are releasing like once in every single hour. It is so common that one might feel out dated when those around him buy new gadgets. It is a normal human behavior that he/she might want to change his/her smartphone soon. Flagships phones are releasing every year. You buy a smartphone now. After six months, new smartphone will come with upgraded features. Its obvious that you will feel like buying a new one. But your old smartphone is still working. What to do with your old smartphone? Here are some tips.

1. Sell it:

Sell your Smartphone

If you are so sure that you have no other use with your old smartphone, the best option is to re sell it. There are so many websites out there. Mobiles4Sale gives you a platform to sell your phones without squeezing a single penny from you. Just post an advertisement in the site, along with your contact information. Interested buyers will contact you. You can sell your phone directly to the buyer. No intermediates. No charges. Selling your old mobile phone with Mobiles4Sale is as simple as that.

2.Use it as a Remote Control:

Smartphone as a Remote Control

Hope you are well aware of the fact that your smartphone can be turned in to a universal remote. Whether it is for your TV or media center or computer, there is such an option. Apps are available in the stores. All you need to do is to download and install the app.

3.Use it as a Music player:

Smartphone as a Music player

Your old smartphone can be used as a music player. Have you thought about that? You can save the battery of your new smartphone and play songs on your old phone. You can use it as a radio also. It would be a relief for your new smartphone if you cut down these kinds of tasks from it.

4. Give it away:

Do you anyone who will be happier to receive a second hand smartphone? Might be your friend who is not able to afford a smartphone? Or your younger brother or sister? Or your cousins? Somebody would e there wishing for “at least a second hand smartphone”. Think about them and give your old smartphone as a gift to them. They will be more ta thankful and you can see that your old smartphone is not dead. But do not forget to wipe off all the private and personal data from the phone before handing it over. And delete the contact numbers too.

5.Use it as a back-up phone:

None of us can predict when a smartphone might go hung up or stuck. Keep your old smartphone as a backup phone for the family. If any of the family member's phone is dead, that person can use this back up phone till the phone is repaired. That will save them from the anxiety, frustration and dilemma when they know that their phone is dead. Just keep it charged at times and keep it ready to use at any time.

6.Learning tool:

Smartphone a Learning tool

If you have enough scientific curiosity, do a surgical operation on your old smartphone. Lear the chips, circuits and the inners of the smartphone. Try to understand the working of it. Make it a study material.

7.Wi – Fi Hotspot:

Most of the smartphones have the ability to act as Wi–Fi hot spot. It can turn itself as Wi-Fi hot spot and let you connect other devices to it. You can use your old smartphone as Wi-Fi hotspot and get connected on your new smartphone/ Lap Top, Tablet or Desktop.

8.A smart alarm clock:

Smartphone Alarm Clock

You can use different types of tones to wake you up in the morning. An old smartphone can act as a good alarm clock for sure. This will let your new smartphone free of the duty. You can keep it for charging. You can also link your old smartphone to the cloud based calendar such as Google calendar, which can keep a track of your important days.

9.Use as an e-Book Reader:

An ardent reader? Use your old smartphone as an e-Book reader. There are thousands of free e-books available online. You can give a rest to your old smartphone while you enjoy a new book on the old smartphone.

10. Video player:

If the video player app of your old smartphone is currently working, watch videos in it. This will shed off the labour of your new smartphone.


You can use the extra smartphone for storage. It is always good to have an extra storage device no? Whether it is pictures, music, documents, save it in the old smartphone and leave the memory of the new smartphone free.

12. Enjoy Gaming:

Smartphone Game

You know, playing games will kill the battery of a smartphone. Use your old smartphone to play games. You will not have to worry about getting to much carried away as it is your old phone.

13.Web cam:

Is the camera of your Laptop better than that of your old smartphone? In most cases, the answer will be “no”. Though all the laptops come with inbuilt web cameras, most of them might not be better than some smartphones. If your smartphone camera is better than that of the laptop, use your old smartphone as web cam. Apps are available there in the internet. You just have to find out the one that goes hand in hand with your video calling platform, whether it is Skype, Google or Yahoo messengers.

14. Rough use:

Smartphone Rough Use

Going for camping? Trucking? Site seeing? Take your old smartphone with you. A rainy day? Give rest to your new smartphone. You might not need the polished services of a brand new smartphone in such situations. You might use your phone for basic needs like calling, messaging, GPS, Torch light etc. Why risk your brand new smartphone? Take the old one along with you and have tension free outing!

15.Download torrents:

You can use you old smartphone to download torrent files. You can keep the download open, leave the phone at home and you will not have to worry about the performance speed, as you will be using the new smartphone for all other activities. No need to keep your laptop/desktop on for hours.


Recycle Smartphone

All the above tasks are possible only if the old smartphone of yours is still in good working condition. If it is not, then there is only one way left – Recycle. Either you use the parts of the phone, like the battery, the panel, the display and all usable parts for other phones. Or you just contact the manufacturer or the carrier. Both will be ready to help you with recycling the old smartphone. Just do not let it be yet another piece of e waste. Do not through it away here and there. Do not try to destroy it by yourself as the parts of phone like the battery are explosive and can cause accidents. Do not give your used phone to kids for playing. Used phones will have more radiation than the new ones. Why should we put our younger generation under risk? Recycle it and say good bye to your old smartphone.

Best Of Luck!
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