iOS 7 Pros and Cons

Read here the major pros and cons of iOS 7.

iOS 7 is now available for download. The devices that support the new OS is iPhone 4 and late, iPad 2 and later, and the fifth generation iPod touch. There are so many rumours prevailing about the bugs in the iOS7. Let's now go through the main advantages as well as disadvantages of iOS7 operating system.

Apple iOS 7


1. iTunes Radio:

Aplle iOS 7 iTunes Radio

Lacking a Radio was one of the major complaints about iPhones. Putting an end to it, the iOS7 has the support for radio via iTunes Radio. This is one of the advantages of the new iOS7.

2. Notification Centre:

Notification Centre

Like that in the Android phone, you can swipe from the top of the new Apple device to get a Notification Centre. A search bar will appear at the top of the screen. You can enter an item there and the iOS will search the entire device, including Apps, Mail, Contacts, Music, Calender events, Videos and where not. But you can not search in the web using this. This feature is exclusive for the items stored in your phone.

3. New Application Updating:

Apps Updation

Your iOS7 device will update the Apps automatically. You can set command for this automatic updation. The update session of the App Store is still there. The benefit of the Automatic update is that, it will give you a brief history of which all Apps were updated and when. Moreover, there would be a Blue dot next to the updated App. So, you can easily figure whether you are using an updated version of the App or not.

4. Control Centre:

Control Centre

Swipe up from the bottom of your iOS7 operated device, and you will get access to the Control Centre. Another Andriodish feature. This feature will get you quick access to Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Rotation Lock. You can control the screen brightness, the music that is playing. There are some new buttons too, for Flash light, Clock, Calculator and Camera.

5. App Switching Modified:

App Switching

This feature is a great help in multi tasking. It shows each open App in a card and you will be able to see three at a time. You can slide these cards around to jump through the apps and can crash land to any app by simply tapping on it. To close an App, all you have to do is to just swipe the app upwards. You can close up to three apps at a time.

6. Light up your life:

Flash Light

Earlier, there was no inbuilt Light App for iOS devices. Compensating that, the new iOS comes with inbuilt Flash app, with the LED flash light near the camera. From now onwards, Apple users will not have to rely on any third party app to light up their darkness. This new Flash light feature can be accessed from the new Control Centre.

7. Do not disturb:

iOS 7 Do Not Disturb

This feature was there in the iOS 6 too. Just that nobody paid much attention to this poor app, buried underneath the Settings menu. This time, the company has brought it to the limelight, in the Control Centre. It is now accessible more quickly than in the previous version. This app is useful for those who wanna take a break form the busy phone life, but yet hesitant to switch it off. It will be a very handy App in theatres or gatherings. You can enable this feature and get a temporary relief from emails, Messages and Phone calls. You can also set “exceptions” so that you will not miss anything.

8. Compass App for a new Balance:

iOS 7 Compass App

The Compass App of the iOS, which was one of the good features, have a new feature with the iOS 7. now, the App can give you a helping hand over the balance. Yes, you read it correct. You can place your iOS 7 device on a surface with the Compass App turned on and the green display shows that the surface is level.

9. Password Keeper:

Password Manager

Nowadays it is quite hard to keep all the passwords by-heart. There are so many websites, banks, online shops, where you have to log in for transactions. Keep in mind all these passwords are not easy and keeping same password for multiple accounts is note safe either. iOS 7 can help you here. It can store passwords and even credit card numbers of the user in the iCloud and can automatically fill the column whenever the user tries to log in to a website. These passwords will be encrypted and there will not be any security issues as per Apple's claim.

10. New Improved Camera App:

iOS 7 Camera App

There are new camera features with iOS 7. There will be a new square format along with the existing Panoramic format to take pictures. There will be Instagram like picture filters too. You will be able to sort the pictures by Date and Location.

11. Panoramic wallpaper:

Panoramic Wallpaper

The new iOS supports wallpaper in panorama mode. Tilt the screen and the image will be moving with it, revealing new views.

12. Focus using volume:

iOS 7 Camera Focus

This is a feature that you might miss if we don't mention. You can use the volume button for focusing in and out a picture with the new iOS. Simply holding the volume button will make the device enable autofocus feature. Then press the volume up key to take the picture.

13. Sharing Options:

iOS 7 Air Drop

The sharing options of the Apple devices are so notorious for their limitations. As the device lacked Bluetooth, sharing a photo/ video/ any file with somebody near to you was such a pains taking act. Now, with AirDrop App, Apple is trying to calm down the users. This App uses both Wi – Fi and Bluetooth to share files from one device to an adjacent one. But this will be available only on those devices which can support iOS 7. All the others will have to depend up on third party App.

14. New Siri:

iOS 7 Siri

The new iOS has improved Siri features. First of all, you can figure out whether Siri is listening. There will be a should wave at the bottom of the screen, which indicates that the Siri is listening. The Siri is now powered by Bing. So, it can help you out in Navigation, play your voice mail, return calls, control iTune radio and so many other things too. The interesting fact is that the Siri is available in Male voice too. If you get bored with the female voice, you can try out the Male one!

15. New Design:

iOS 7 New Design

If you were keenly observing the design of the iOS 6, you will feel that the iOS 7 differs from it a lot. Though some may not like the change, it gives a new look to the device. As per the claims of the company, the design is minimal and assures easier use as the app tiles are getting adapted to it faster.

16. Multi tasking is improved:

iOS 7 Multi Tasking

The ability to open multiple apps at the same time has Been there in the iOS from its version 4 onwards. But it was a mess in the iOS 6. With the latest iOS 7, and its apps switching, multi tasking is more sophisticated now.


1. The Notification Centre:

The Notification Centre is the latest addition of the iOS 7. The swipe up is good, but it is a vague imitation of the Android. The swipe down from the top of the screen will prove you that Apple has not mastered the skill yet. Android and Windows Phone are impressing the users with its User Interface and the swiping ease. Among them, Apple seems like a toddler. If there were no Android or Windows phone for comparison, the users would have been more than happy. But as the Android and Windows Phone have shown magics with the swiping feature, nothing less would be accepted by the users. The notification centre is an innovation for Apple. But it is yet to be sophisticated and customising the feature is far from question.

2. iCloud Imperfections:


The introduction of the iCloud feature is really welcoming. Cloud storage is really cool and useful. But Apple has a long way to go to improve the iCloud feature. Most of the users complain that after storing nearly 4 GB, it goes running out of space. The problem is that there is no solution for it right now. It remains as a bug. To manage all the files we store in the iCloud, we need a good interface, which it lacks. There are no user guides. Some users say they haven't figured out yet how to view photos in there. iCloud is the only back up feature. As the apps, photos and videos will be grabbing more and more space, Apple should find out a remedy soon.

3. App updation still under trouble:

Apple's new claim about the auto updating of Apps is yet to be proven. We know that having iOS means lagging 5 to 10 seconds than the other OSes. Till the iOS 7, auto updation was out of question. Those who use the iOS 7 say that they have not yet received such an update. We don't know whether it is a bug.

4. Camera App:

If you are not very conscious, chances are there that you will get a bunch of out focus photos. Though the new camera app takes pictures speedily, focusing still needs conscious effort. There is no way to adjust the quality of pictures. The user will be forced to take 8 MP photos all the time.

5. Siri to be improved:

It is a good sign that Apple has presented an improved Siri with the iOS 7. The Siri takes more time to get answers for the queries which it finds difficult. So much of the time would be killed when you realise that you should have opened certain App to get the reply for the particular question. Tough Bing is a good search engine, we will miss Google, especially with the Siri. The Siri would have been far better if it used Google to search.

6. No big change:

If you had been waiting for a dramatic make over with the new iOS, the one which would draw back Android, you would be disappointed. Other that some of the new features, the iOS 7 is the same one as the iOS 6. It is almost same in its functionality. It is just a facelift, not a make over altogether. Some good new apps are there. Some good improvisations are there. Other than these, everything else is the very same. The home layout, the organisations, all are identical.

7. Time taking for the beginners:

If you are going to download the iOS 7, please do it only when you have some free time. It is not an easy go for the first time users. Even the iOS 6 experts says that the iOS 7 is taking time to get used to. Then you can imagine how far Apple has to travel.

8. Its a One – Way:

Once you have upgraded your device to iOS 7, you can't go back to iOS 6. You will have to bear with the pros and cons of the iOS 7. That's not good.

9. Floating Icons:

iOS 7 Icons

One of the major highlights of the iOS 7 – the floating home screen icons do not do a perfect job it seems. The peculiarity of the icons were that they would automatically get adjusted to the background colour. Just that we wouldn't be able to control the colour of the icons. As the group of icons change colour according to the colour of the wallpaper, some colours make it difficult to read. The white text of the icons seems pretty difficult to read when it is projected on a light coloured surface. Though the 3D effect gives a good impact with contrasting colours, cases like this are still there.

10. The Calender App is still the same:

iOS 7 Calender App

Though there are numerous new features and apps, the Calender app of the Apple devices still remain the same. The notes and reminders of the calender app still have to be improved.

11. Key Board:

iOS 7 Keyboard

There are no key board improvements for the new iOS 7. The basic keyboard of the iOS 7 too distressing that it will automatically force the user to depend up on third party apps like the Swype. The Auto correction still requires a lot of time. The number keys still have the same trouble. It is sad that Apple didn't give importance to it.

12. Old Apps Vs New Apps:

Though the most commonly used apps are converted to use in the iOS 7, not all of them are converted. Some of the old apps might work with the iOS 7,but they might not work properly. It will take time for the developers to convert the lots of apps to suit the new OS. It is a time taking process and you will have to give them time.

13. Not all devices support iOS 7:

Not all Apple devices support iOS 7. iPhones prior to iPhone 4 will not be supporting the new iOS. Same is the case with iPads prior to the iPad 2. iPod Touch prior to the fifth generation are out of the list too. Even if your device works with the new OS, it might not work properly. Better you wait for some other friend of yours to try it out on the same device and then go for it.

14. The Updation can be Sluggish:

You should back up all your data and files to iCloud or to Mac or PC using iTunes. Empty the storage memory before upgrading to the iOS 7. back up all your apps too. If these remain in your device, the iOS 7 updation will be too sluggish.

These are the major pros and cons of the new iOS 7 Operating System. If you have solid reasons to upgrade to the new OS, well and good, you can proceed. But if you are gonna do it to quench your curiosity, better you keep in mind that, once done, you can't undo it. There is no going back to the older version. So be very sure that you really have to upgrade it.
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