Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Lumia 925

Which one is better?

Nokia Lumia 925 came after the huge success of the Lumia 920 smartphone. Both the devices are now available in India. Being the latest model among the two, Lumia 925 has certain advantages over Lumia 920 smartphone. But is it that good to replace the Lumia 920? Let's do a detailed analysis of both the smartphones here.


Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Nokia Lumia 925

The Lumia 925 has a metal casing. Other than the rim, which is made of aluminium, the rest of the device is made up of polycarbonate. The 920 measures a 130.3 mm x 70.8 mm x 10.7 mm and the 925 measures a 129×70.6×8.5 mm  so, it is obvious that the Lumia 925 is bit more handy than the 925 smartphone. The 920 weighs an 185 grams and the 925 weighs a 135 grams. So, the 925 is not only thinner, smaller and shorter, but lighter too.


The Lumia 925 has a display with an AMOLED screen, backed up with PureMotion HD+ and ClearBlack technologies. Though the 920 has the same technologies, it lacks the AMOLED display. Instead, it has an IPD display. So, the Lumia 925 has a slight advantage in reproducing natural colours and saving battery power. The display resolution is the same for both the smartphones.

The display of the 925 will be apt for those who use the phone for watching movies, taking pictures, recording videos etc. but if you are a person who likes more to read articles online, to message/ mail often or who uses the phone more for his work purpose, Lumia 920 would be the best one for you.

Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Nokia Lumia 925


There has been some improvements in the camera of the Lumia 925 smartphone. The company has taken in to consideration the feed back of the 920 users and have come up with an improved camera which can performs pretty well with more accurate colours, better day light pictures and improved low light photo shoots.

Remember the claims of the company during the release of the 920? they were mostly about its camera. Well, there was not that much speciality in the camera of the 920. but in 925, most of the issues are rectified, and so will you get an improved camera experience.


Well, there is something off the way here. The company has cut down the internal storage memory of the Lumia 925 to direct half of that of the Lumia 920. neither does it have a microSD card slot. So, the users have to live with just 16 GB storage, without any hope for expansion. It is such a disappointment as the phone does not come with so many inbuilt app, and the user will have to download them from the store. Now with this short a storage facility, more apps can't be stored.

Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Nokia Lumia 925

Battery Life:

Though both the devices have the same battery, Lumia 925 safes a few more hours than the 920. this could have been because of the AMOLED display screen, which consumes lesser power than the IPS panel of the 920 smartphone.


Lumia 920 has been in the market for a pretty long time now, and there is no wonder in the price cut it has under gone. You can own a Lumia 920 at Rs. 22,999/-. the price cut of the Lumia 925 is quite stunning as the device is available right now at Rs. 27,799/-. so, for the time being, there is only a difference of nearly 5k between the two. That's a close one! The 920 is available in Black, Gray, Red, Yellow and White shades. But the 925 does not give you that much colour choice. There are only three colour varieties, Black, White and Silver.

Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Nokia Lumia 925


It is true that both the 920 and the 925 share so much in common. Being a successor of 920, Lumia 925 caters to the expectations of the users, except the storage, which was sadly cut down to half. The size, battery and the camera features of the 925 device is better than the 920, but there is nothing stunning it it. Taking in to consideration the price tag and the storage options, Nokia Lumia 920 would be the best choice, I would say.
But is you need a better battery, better AMOLED screen and a better camera, then go for the Lumia 925 and adjust with the storage. Taking the features in to account, I should say that the Lumia 925 is the best windows Phone 8 smartphone available in the market and it is worth the money, except for the storage.

Check out here the specification comparison of both Lumia 925 and Lumia 920 smartphones.
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