HTC One Max Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Which on is better, HTC One Max or Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Though neighbours in a way, Samsung and HTC are the famous enemies in the field of smartphones. When it comes to bigger screened devices, the current rivals are Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max. They have so much in common and so much unique. Let's go through their details and assess which one is better.


It will not take much longer for the naked eye to point out that the HTC One Max is way beyond bigger than the Note 3. If you were complaining about being unable to operate the Note 3 with one hand easily what you will say now? If the competition was based on size, HTC One Max would have bagged the price just like that. In the case of weight too. The One Max is heavier, obviously because of the larger size.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs HTC One Max

Design and Display:

In the case of premium look, HTC always wins the rate. With its aluminium and meta body, HTC always surpasses Samsung's plastic build. But there is a plus point to the build of Samsung. It is softer in hand and so is easy to hod than the HTC. Taking in to consideration the extra large size , being easier to hod is a very important factor. So, here our vote goes for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. HTC One Max has bigger display than the Note 3.


With a whooping 3 GB, the Note 3 wins the match. There is only a 2 GB RAM for the One Max smartphone. Though HTC has grabbed back the microSD card slot, it is way behind in internal storage. The Note 3 has almost double internal storage than that of the HTC One Max.


HTC followed the Ultra pixel pattern in the HTC One Max. It has a 4 ultra pixel camera. As the name indicates it has a bigger sensor, which will allow more light in photos. This will help in the overall photo quality and light performance. The camera of the HTC One Max is definitely a good one. On the other hand, Samsung Note 3 features a 13 MP rear camera. Though the images will be bigger, it will not be better. So, the ultra pixel has a bit upper hand over the Note 3's camera.


Here too, the vote goes for the Samsung device. The Note 3 is available in three different colour variations. When you get the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Black, White and Pink colour variations, you will get the HTC One Max in only one colour – the standard Silver.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs HTC One Max


Whatever you say, Note 3 has a major advantage, the stylus pen. HTC has no such a thing to boast about. The stylus and the features only it can perform gives the device an upper hand. Stylus adds a charm and ease of use to the bigger screened device.

Finger print sensor:

If HTC lacks a stylus pen, it compensate it with a finger print sensor. Though it has been positioned oddly, something is better than nothing seems to be the policy of HTC in the case of Finger Print Sensor. The sensor has been placed at the rear side of the device. The HTC One Max has a fingerprint sensor on the back allows you to launch three favourite apps with your fingerprint. These apps are customizable too. This might be a silly thing, but it adds to the experience of the user, and so it matters.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs HTC One Max


Samsung has a swappable and removable battery. HTC still follows the non removable battery pattern. The hardcore users of the smartphone will prefer Samsung as they will be able to carry a spare battery with them for emergence, which will not be possible with the HTC smartphone.

Final Word:

Though there are chances that the Note users will prefer the Note 3 for obvious reasons, HTC One Max is worth a try. In terms of the size and display it serves almost equal features as the Note 3. In camera, the HTC One Max is better than the Note 3 smartphone, we would say. Which one would be suitable for you is a hard thing to predict. So we would recommend you to try both first and then decide. It mostly depends on the size of your palm.
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