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After months of hinting at the launch, Apple has finally started and is wanting to lead the fight for your wrist with its very own smartwatch. As expected, with a brand-new little bit of sophisticated Apple tech, the watch has satisfied diverse opinions. Some have called it the best thing ever, while some has called it "Simply one more smartwatch.".

Quality is what you anticipate from Apple: light yet solid and also streamlined. The watch isn't virtually as slim as the iPhone 6, so it's not substantially different from the various other smartwatches out there. Apple has actually been careful to keep it from looking large and also the larger version doesn't look awkward on a petite female wrist. It's primarily for impatient early adopters and boutique store regulars. And Apple's vague sales numbers and "in learning mode" comments hinted at just that; it wasn't fit for the masses.

Is it worth that still-tough-to-swallow Apple Watch price this late in the game? Well, beaming apps like Messages, Mail and every iPhone notification to an always-on-hand gadget is certainly a convenience.

Apple Watch 2


The following will make you want to get an Apple Watch:

OS: watchOS 1 (upgrades to watchOS 3)
Compatibility: iPhone
Display: 1.65-inch
CPU: Apple S1
Band Sizes: 38mm, 42mm
Storage: 8GB
Battery life: up to 22 hours
Charger: Magnetic
IP rating: IPX7
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC

Apple Watch 1


Apple's build-up to the Watch's launch was all about the style, how it was forged in Ive's clean furnaces and made of angel tears (or something), and how it's capable of replacing the emotional connection thousands of us have with our current timepiece. That really depends on who you ask and which Apple Watch you're talking about. There are three models, the aluminum Sport, stainless steel Watch and gold Watch Edition.

The Apple Watch Sport band is made of fluoroelastomer, which is Apple's fancy way of saying synthetic rubber, which is supposed to be extremely durable. It's held up, but the white color does get dirty and require a monthly scrub down. The smooth strap, available in white, black, blue, green and pink colors, feels comfortable and is easier to buckle than any prong-clasped Fitbit I've tested. It tucks the excess band in a hole so that it hides behind the beginning the strap.

Apple Watch 3

The difference between using the Sport model with the rubber strap and the Watch with Milanese loop felt like I was stepping up to a "proper" Watch. That's more the band than the model itself, so a swift switch between the two (providing you outlay the high cost to buy another band) is fine to improve the look.

Behind the Ion-X or sapphire glass of the Apple Watch sits a bright and colorful OLED. It's sharper than other smartwatch, most notably the pixelated LCD of the Moto 360. It's the right screen technology for smartwatches, as OLED displays draw much less battery when showing a darker screen. With OLED only the pixels used are turned on, and fewer pixels equals less battery drain.
That's why most of the Apple Watch faces are surrounded by deep black background. It also helps the colorful app icons and watch face element pop.

Apple Watch 4

The 38mm Apple Watch resolution is 272 x 340, while a 42mm version is 312 x 390. The bigger display's necessary extra power is offset by a larger Apple Watch battery. Apple was able to design a sharp-looking flexible OLED display for the Watch, but it didn't go as far as creating a circular screen for a truly classic watch look.


For iPhone users desperate for a smartwatch, the Apple Watch is perfect for you. It relays some iOS apps and all notifications to my wrist without requiring me to constantly pull out and unlock my phone, and that's a nicely convenient thing to have. This concept is going to become more useful when the hype dies down and new apps emerge, as the best smartwatches work better as an unexciting fashion piece or fitness tracker that fades into the background. That's where it belongs.
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