Tips to reduce Cell phone Radiation

Here are 25 tips on reducing cell phone radiation.

Nowadays, its hard to find out a single human being among ourselves who doesn't use a phone. What brand or model it might be, its true that almost all of us are befriending a phone. The benefits of cell phone is plenty. On the other hand, the damages it can bring to you is alarming as well.

Tips to Reduce Cellphone Radiation

One of the major issues regarding the usage of cell phone is its radiatipon. Studies are still going on the topic. It is a well known fact that the mobile phones work based on its transmission of various signals. To send or receive data, it uses radio active waves. These waves are dangerous to human body. It is true that we can not avoid these waves completely. But we can reduce it. Here are some tips to reduce the radiation of your cell phone. Go through it and put those in your practical life.

1. Use Headsets:

It is not for nothing that every phone box comes with a headset. It is not merely for Radio or for listening to songs. This is out and out meant to reduce the radiation. Use it while talking, and escape from radiation.

2. Use speaker phones:

We think of speaker phone as a way to let our dear ones with us listen to our dear ones over phone. Well, the loudspeakers of the phone have another function too. It reduces radiation. Use it whenever you are able to.

3.Don’t wear Bluetooth always:

Nobody will deny the uses of a Bluetooth headset. It lets your hands be free. It decreases radiation up to a limit too. But, wearing it all the time, well its better if you do not make it a habit. It can bring more radiation.

4.Know about radiation hot spots:

Be aware of the Electro Magnetic hotspots. If you are standing near a tunnel, definitely, the level of radiation will be in its peak.

5.Read the manual:

Well, have you read the manual you got along with your darling phone? Be honest. If not, dig it out from the crap heap and go through it. It will definitely give you some tips on reducing the radiation. Each phone will be having different level of radiation. Apple has inscribed in the manual of iPhone that the device should not be brought near to the sensitive parts of human body. Go through the manual.

6.Prefer texting to talking:

Tips to Reduce Cellphone Radiation

Well, we are not giving you a tip to improve your English! It is a really good way of reducing the radiation. The signals emitted while sending and receiving texts are far far lower than those emitted on calls.

7.Distance yourself from the phone:

Have you seen any body taking their phone near to his mouth and talking and putting in on his ear only to listen? Have you made fun of such a guy? We would say that he is far cleverer than you dear. Keep the phone as much away from you, that much lower will be the radiation.

8.Use belt holders to keep your phones:

Tips to Reduce Cellphone Radiation

It is not good to keep your phone in the pockets of your Jeans or Shirt. Ladies have an upper hand here. They have bags, man! Do not keep your phone in pockets, use a leather belt to keep it.

9.Turn the phone off when you are not gonna use it:

Can you do that? In theatres, conferences, exam halls, you are used to keep the phone in silent mode, aren't you? You are not gonna pick even if you get some calls in such situations. Then why don't you just switch it off for the time being? It will reduce a hell lot of radiation.

10.Divert your calls to cordless landlines of yours, when you are at home:

Haven't you ran across your home searching for your phone when it is ringing? Admit the truth. All might have such an experience. Why don't make use of “call divert” option? It will save energy and also radiation. Think over it.

11.Avoid using mobile phone in confined areas:

Do not use the cellphones inside of buildings, particularly those with steel structures, which increases the device's radiation output because signals are not as strong. Do not use phones in lifts either. It will remit more radio waves to grab good signal. Result is more radiation.

12.Keep away from children:

Do not allow children, whose bodies are more vulnerable to absorbing radiation, to sleep with a cellphone beneath their pillow or keep it at the bedside.

13.Hold and Wait:

Tips to Reduce Cellphone Radiation

When making a call, do not hold the phone to your ear until after the person on the other line answers. The device emits more radiation before a call goes through.

14.Choosing the phone:

Choose a phone that emits less radiation. More manufacturers are becoming conscious of the health risks and attempting to manufacture lower radiation models. A Google search can help you identify one the next time you are in the market for a cell phone.


Eat more seaweed. Seaweed is nature’s anti-radiation remedy.

16.Preventive measures:

Use a protective phone case that reduces radiation exposure. But make sure it doesn't affect the performance of the phone. If it affects, then it will emit more radiation to make over it.

17.Watch the signal strength:

Tips to Reduce Cellphone Radiation

When the signal strength is weak the phone will emit more radiation in an attempt to communicate with the cell tower.

18.Never use your phone in a vehicle while it’s moving:

This could be a train, bus, or car. This is the same as above because the phone will be constantly searching for the best cell tower and so the radiation is much more intense.

19.Try not to use your cell phone in a parked car.

Something called the Faraday Effect happens inside a metal object and this can be just like a microwave oven. You won’t get cooked, but radiation will bounce around your car and be absorbed by your body at a higher level.

20.Don’t use your phone if you feel tired.

Your body will be even more weakened by radiation. Older women as well as pregnant ones should not use a hand-held cell phone. Amniotic fluid is not conducive to radiation from a microwave or your cell phone. If you have metal fillings in your teeth, metal framed eyeglasses, or a piece of metal jewellery around your neck, you are more vulnerable.

21.Don’t press your handset against your ear or head.

22.Keep your calls to a few minutes only:

Saves you energy, money and also saves from radiation. Triple savings!

23.Switch the phone:

During your call vary your phone use to both of your ears: Switch the phone from your left ear to right ear and vice versa.

24.Skip the radiation shield:

Radiation shields such as antenna caps or keypad covers reduce the connection quality and force the phone to transmit at a higher power with higher radiation.

25.Holding Posture:

Tips to Reduce Cellphone Radiation

Hold it at the bottom. Covering the whole body of your phone with your hand while talking will reduce its ability to receive and send signals.

Keep these 25 tips in your mind. Wait! Mere keeping it in mind wont save you. Practise it. Share it with your dear ones. Go Green. Less radiation is good for you and for our mother earth.
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