Tips to Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer.

Make use of these 25 tips to give a long life to your cellphone battery.

There are so many of us, who always complain about the poor performance of the phone battery right? Well, before blaming that poor thing, let me ask you, have you done anything to support the long life of your phone battery? Here are some tips. Use them, you will give your phone battery an extra life of at least 4 hours.

1. Turn the phone off:

Tips to Save Battery Life

Have you ever done it? There are only two occasions when most of ours phones will be off. Either a 'battery – out' off or a 'fell – on – the floor' off. Turn your phone off when you are sleeping, or when you are in a meeting or writing an exam. You are used to put your cell in silent mode in all these occasions right? Change it. That will give extra life to the battery.

2. Stop searching for Signal:

If you are sure that you are entering an 'out of coverage area', why should you torture your poor cellphone battery? While searching for it, the battery will be consuming more power.

3. Follow the method of full charge and full discharge:

Tips to Save Battery Life

Are you in the habit of charging your cell when it has more or less half of its life? Then you will be feeding an already stomachful fed baby. The ideal charging method is to charge your phone when you get “battery low” alert from your phone itself.

4. Switch the vibrator off:

If you are sure that you are gonna need to preserve the battery of your cell phone for a while, then turn the vibrator mode off. It will consume more power. Use the ringtone option. That too put in a lower volume. But it should audible enough. Else, the person calling you will have to call again and again, which means double usage of charge.

5. Turn off the backlight whenever not necessary:

Tips to Save Battery Life

Most of today's phones have superb clarity. Then why do you need all these backlights? Turn them off and be wise.

6. Avoid using unnecessary features:

Its quite obvious no? Applications will consume more electricity. Turn them off, you will get extra life. Flash Photography is another power consumer. Do not use camera at all when you are running out of battery charge. That will be better.

7. Keep calls short:

Have you heard anybody saying over phone that “My battery is running out” and still keep on talking for long? This sentence has been misused to cut unwanted calls too. But man, if your battery is running out, make shorter calls.

8. Turn off the connectivity options:

Turn off your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Infrared off. That will give your battery extra mileage.

9. Decrease the brightness of the display to the lowest level possible:

Adjust the screen display brightness of your phone. Set it to the minimum. It will save energy.

10. Use GSM than 3G, use Single SIM than Dual:

For obvious reasons, that will shed the load on your cell phone battery.

11. Avoid using animated or moving pictures in the background/ wall paper/ screen saver:

Animated or moving objects will consume more power.

12. Charge the new battery to the full:

Tips to Save Battery Life

Once you have kept the phone for charging, keep it there till it is fully charged. And remember to unplug it at once it is fully charged. Why over feed the baby?

13. Store the batteries properly:

If you are not going use your cell for some days/ months, remove its battery and keep it in a cool place.

14. Clean the battery contacts on the phone as well as on the battery:

Tips to Save Battery Life

Have you ever done that? Well, the inner brain of your phone also needs some sort of cleaning man! Clean the battery contacts of your phone and that on the battery at least once in a month.

15. Give it a rest once in a month:

Well, you take a day or two from your work, don't you? Your phone too needs a beak man. Unlike you, it has been working 24×7! Turn it off for sometime at least once in a month.

16. Use Battery save option, if your phone has any:

Obviously that can preserve more battery life.

17. Do not leave your phone exposed to sunlight:

Am not talking about sun tans! Exposure to higher temperature will affect the performance of your phone battery.

18. Use company chargers:

Tips to Save Battery Life

Do not use low quality chargers man. If your charger is damaged, buy one which is manufactured by your cell phone company themselves. It might be costly than the cheaper ones, but it will not damage your phone battery.

19. Avoid Watching Videos, Playing Games ans scrolling through pictures:

If you are running out of battery, please don't make your phone a play station or music store or a picture gallery. You will get enough time once it is charged. Wait until that.

20. Reduce social networking updates:

Have you kept the automatic updates on for emails, Push, Facebook or Twitter? Then please turn it off, or at least increase the duration to “notify every one hour” or so.

21. Decrease the screen's standby time:

It is another way of increasing the battery life. Keep the screen's standby time under five seconds. That will be advisable.

22. Replace your battery:

Once you got a red signal about your battery, never hesitate to replace that with a brand new one. Make sure it is a company made one. Say a clear cut NO to the cheap quality junk.

23. Turn off key pad tones, don’t use speaker during calls:

That will help you to save some extra battery life.

24. Use headset with cord:

That takes less power than the wireless Bluetooth or speaker phone.

25. If you have a spare battery, cycle it:

Are you in the habit of carrying an extra battery with you? If yes, use both the batteries alternatively. Do not keep it unused for a long time, and when you try to charge it, it would be dead. Cycle both the batteries.

Tips to Save Battery Life

These are the 25 tips. But there is another weapon in your hand, which will save you from all these troubles. It is the only one you need. That is called “logic”. Use your logic, be aware of the capacity of your phone battery. That can save you from panicking or cursing the phone once it has drained off its battery. Keep all these tips in your mind. Enjoy a long battery life.

All the Best!
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